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red snapper 2013 regulations

i've read so many different articles about what the snapper regulations could be for 2013 but haven't heard what they decided on. Does any body know what the deal is for 2013 or if they stayed the same?
Nothing yet
They haven't decided anything and there might not be a decision until the season actually opens. Yes--I know what I said. It is that ridiculous.

Your government doing work.
Does any one knows what happened to all the talk last year about LA regulating its own redsnapper and that they were extending waters out 10 miles. I thought that was a done deal. O well, guess Ill just concentrate on the sheepshead and just spray paint them red when I get home.
not sure
could just be heresay but i heard if la tried to extend the state waters so we could regulate it the feds were going to shut it down completely. But that could just be dock talk. Last week we went swordfishing and stopped off for grouper on the way in and could see snapper for days all the way down before the water was so clear. It really shows you how well the fish are doing.
LA WLF passed a measure to extend its coastal waters out 10 NM. Effectively, LA can regulate these waters for snapper. However, there are not many snapper within 10 miles of LA's coastline. Additionally, there is a conflict of law between LA and the Feds since the Feds control the snapper fishery.

Currently, the NMFS/Gulf Council are weighing regional management of the fishery, which would extend out into the gulf way beyond 10 NM. This would allow LA or La and any combination of the gulf states to regulate the fishery (within Federal Guidelines).

It is a mess. If you are a snapper fisherman, it would behoove you to get involved with CCA or another similar fisherman's rights organization to educate yourself and to get involved with the process and regime that is stacked against us.

If anyone wants to turn this into a CCA bashing thread, feel free. But judging by the attendance at the last Gulf Council Meeting in BR there is not much else in the way of the Feds taking away Snapper fishing completely. The meeting was 95% attended by CCA members speaking in favor of regional management.
Still in Limbo
Wanted to clear up a few things. Keeping in mind that the meeting is currently taking place and this could be dead wrong by the time that you read it.
1) Louisiana extended its waters out to 9 Marine Leagues - True it did but that was only an initial step in the process. It has to be introduced and approved by the federal government and that has not happened. The feds have said that they will enforce Louisiana's 3 mile limit as it is now.
2) The Wildlife and Fisheries commission has voted to give the Sec. of the Department the authority to go non compliant with the federal regulations. Louisiana wants to go to regional management and will likely go non compliant if they do not get it.
3) Regional management means more fish - THIS IS INCORRECT at least in the short term. Under current law (the MSA) if regional management is to happen then it would still be under the watchful eye of the Feds as the MSA give NMFS the duty and authority to set harvest levels of Red Snapper. So what you would see is the FEDS would tell Louisiana that you have say 800,000 pounds of snapper to catch. Louisiana would be able to set the harvest limits and dates of the open season but they could still only be able to allow 800,000 pounds to be harvested. Once those fish were harvested the season would be shut down. And yes under MSA the feds have the authority to supersede state law and close a FEDERALLY MANAGED species. It is called preemption and again it is written into the MSA (see a pattern here?)
4) Louisiana goes totally non compliant - Louisiana could say the hell with it and open a state water season for whatever dates and harvest regulations that they want. 4a) the feds have said that they will only recognize our existing 3 mile boundary 4b)the fed would most likely retaliate by closing the federal waters of the Gulf to red snapper to offset the numbers that they perceive to be harvested in state waters. 4c) if after these measures, they believe that the stock is being damaged because of these state seasons, they could move toward preemption and take over the state waters and close those seasons also. The MSA gives them to power to take these types of drastic measures.

Whatever happens it is going to get worse before it gets better. As others have said and as many have said over the last several years. You can whine and moan on these boards all you want but until you educate yourself on the process and the LAW and then get out and ACT as a unified group, you are going to have to but up with whatever they force feed you in the end.

I was at the last meeting it was a good turn out and yes most of the people there introduced themselves as a CCA Volunteer. Having people there is the #1 objective but having people that are educated on the system is better. I was encouraged by the number of folks who were there just because they had been asked to show up but were moved enough to want to learn the system.

My opinion?? This whole issue will remain screwed up as long as MSA is the ruling document. MSA needs to be changed. It is up for debate and re authorization this year. Your anger and frustration should be directed at your federal law makers. Change the law and take the power away from the federal system as it is today.

Both State and Federal meetings are this week, we should get some direction once they are over with.
Thanks for the detailed information Mr. Carpenter