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Would you live Off the Grid if you could?

I have another thread asking for advice on land and living off the grid. I just noticed, even though this is kinda a slow forum that thread has been read almost 400 times in 2 days. That's pretty good as forums go (I use a lot of forums) so it prompts me to think there may be more interest in living off the grid than I thought by the general population.

I'd like to ask: If you could live off the grid, would you if you could?

For the purposes of this thread, living off the grid means living in a self sufficient manner including making your own electricity and not relying on municipal utilities. Your water would be well water or rain collection (filtered of course) , power from wind, solar and or propane, your home would either be a house on your own paid for land or a trailer or mobile home (so you don't have to pay rent/mortgage)

I'm trying to determine really how much interest there is to live like this. Would you do it? Do you think there should be more laws that cater to this type of living so you could make this transition easier? Would you like to see and hear more people living like this and learn more about this lifestyle?

Thank you,
John Phoenix
I would love to live off the land I'm only 24 and think about it every day . There should be more laws to help !!
what happened to the rest of the posts??
I would only do that if it was going to be cheaper. If money was no object I would still be connected to the grid but maybe not use it.
To Mike:
Mike, I live currently in a 20.000 condo(It's really a 700 sq foot apartment converted to a condo) which costs me 300 a month for maintenance fees. I have been here for 10 years. That's 3600 a year x 10 years is 36.000 dollars. I have spent a total then of 56.000 dollars in the past 10 years. I'm 44. I will have at least 50.000 to spend on this project which I plan to spend no more than 25.000 on total including land, 1500 sq foot house, solar, wind and perhaps a used hydro system for power. I have alternate cheap or free ways to heat this house, cooking and lighting so I wont need the solar or wind power for those. The solar and wind will only power two laptops, a dish type internet connection and a refrigerator/freezer. Using used materials, doing the work myself and careful planning, I believe this is totally do-able and I will live in comfort. But then, I have no kids or needs that would require me to stay connected to the city utilities. Your situation may be different. If I live here for 10 years, that will be half the price that I spent living in the city and I'll have way more freedom. Most people pay in mortgage and utilities way more than I do currently. I'd say, if you need a cheaper way to live, you cannot afford not to consider this but you have to be smart about how you do it.
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