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Predicting Rut Timing

Still learning alot about deer and I was looking for some advice. Started hunting a lease near Caddo Lake last year and had several pictures of big bucks, but they were all at night except between 5-7 Dec. Numerous daytime pictures of the big guys as they were chasing does in full rut.

Last year Louisiana Sportsman predicted the first rut for Area 2 to be around Thanksgiving and the second rut to be around Christmas. The deer on my lease seemed to be in full rut in between those times. This year the rut calendar indicates the rut should be about 2 weeks earlier than last year. Should I expect the deer on my lease to be in the rut 2 weeks earlier and in between the two breeding periods? Will the weather move the rut period around? Trying to figure out how predictable the rut will be since I'd really like to be in the field during their daylight activity instead of seeing the pictures a week later. Any help is appreciated.