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dove field

Can anyone tell me if you can plant a winter wheat foodplot by broadcasting and covering the seed and be able to legally dove hunt over it? Does a website exist with the guidelines?
This says you can!!
From the looks of this you can. Here is a link with some very good information on waterfowl and dove. I have read it and there is still some grey areas. BE YOUR OWN JUDGE!!!
Thanks for the website link!
not so fast...
the fws requires you to follows the extension service guidelines in the planting of winter wheat, which is always after the first split. you might get away with it for the second split, b/c the guidlines usually recommend planting wheat in September/October. If you plant early for the first split, the feds will ticket you.

update: I just talked to my county agent, who told me the earliest he could recommend was Sept. 15th, for food plots for deer, and you could plant as late as November, but that would be too late for my purposes. So, pretend you're doing a food plot, and plant for the second split.