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Delacroix Heating Up

Limits of specks and reds have been coming in at a steady pace. On Saturday I had a duo of Bills from Mississippi. Armed with live shrimp under a cork we headed out to Black Bay to get on a good morning bite but then had to make two more moves where we were greeted with every cast action until limits of trout filled the box. One move inside filled their quota of reds with live shrimp on the bottom fished over a reef in 6' of water with a few flounder to boot. Today, Sunday, we made one stop for their 50 trout fishing a submerged underwater reef with live shrimp under cork before heading inside to again catch their 10 reds on the bottom carolina rigged with live shrimp. Both days, we had to throw back around 20 trout before limiting on the reds as the trout are still hungry inside and actively feeding on the live bait. Earlier in the week I had Richard and his grandson, Cody from Slidell. It was too dirty outside with the winds, but they managed 25 trout under cork fishing the edges of Black Bay, then caught their limits of reds fishing carolina rigged with many more released to fight another day along with 3 flounder, and Cody had a 25 minute fight with an alligator gar over 6' long, which I released on the side of the boat. That might be his biggest fish for sometime. The fish are eating up early outside, but there are still plenty fish all over the inside on windy days and reds have been easy to come by fishing the ledges in 5 to 8 feet of water. Capt. Sean 504-723-3229.
hey Sean

good to see you on here again!
let's see some pics :)