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Drew's first Hog

Went out with Boggs , Willy & Drew today with a few of their members in the lease and their kids.. We put dogs down and Lil Bud & Hunter catch a pigglet , Abbie , Gus & Mox was running a lil Boar '80lbs.' that had run passed us as we were making our climb ..
We regrouped and headed to a bottom where Drew said had good sign .. Bud is 20yds. in plain sight and he lights up .. Lmao i said hope you boys got time , the hog is a day ahead of him ! Abbie had struck off 150yds ahead of Buddy and Hunter took the track also .. Willy's Bird dog / Pit cross Gus was coming to them as Buddy lit up the woods with his crisp 12lbs. roar .. Look at the Garmin and The pack is running it streight to Gus and he is hammered down headed their way ..

Gus gives us a howl like I've never heard , Willy looks at me and says 'It's a Big'un , Gus was streight RCD' .. As the rest of the pack closes the 100yd. gap between them , we head on .. When all the dogs showed tree we was 80-90 yds. Away and the R O D E O was on !!
Willy runs streight into a vine and cuts a running black flip , as I pass I laugh my a$$ off ..
I get 50 yds. away with Turner & Eco and the bay breaks with Gus hanging on the ear and Hunter flying in the air .. Gus kisses a tree and comes off and latches on to the back leg as Eco grabs an ear and Turner snatches the snout !! Turner got shucked off but hit like a train when he came back . I pull Gus out the back end and throw him to the head , him latch on to the other ear .. With a dog on each ear and my pup on the snout , this dude is still raising hell !! I leg him as Drew knives his first hog .. Eco & Turner get staples to the Jaws , don't know how Eco got cut in the chick ..

Great hunt with good people !! Can't beat that ..