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David Hyams

Captain Paul.
Help.... I just received my first GPS/chartplotter, lowrance HDS-7 insight. I am in the process of replacing my boat and motor with a new 19.5' center console 115 evanrude e-tec. Now that I will have more confidence in my boat and motor, I want to get out and explore/fish areas that are new to me.

First off, you are talking to one who is just a little computer iliterate. Or as my son says, Digitally challenged. I have a fishing camp in Golden Meadow, but want to expand out and start exploring different areas. So what I'm asking I guess, which one of your "Fishing Edge" file(s) would you recommend for my use. I fish from the sulfur mine /pont au Chen area, down to lake Raccourci. But want to start heading south down to timbillier islandcoucodria area. I also live in Lafayette and plan on fishing vermillion bay west to Rockefeller refuge, Cameroon parish/big lake area.

What files would you recommend, and are they compatible with my new lowrance. How hard is it to download, get these files into the unit? Do you have any thoughts on this unit as far as ease of use, reliability.

My personal email is.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

David Hyams
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ David Hyams ~

You describe an excellent combo for fishing in the Louisiana coastal marshes. I wish you well with your new fishing rig.

Your choice in the Lowrance HDS 7 is also and excellent decision.
The Lowrance HDS series is one of the most reliable GPS units in the present consumer market. The large 7 inch screen will certainly aid you in seeing the many features that the unit offers. The unit should serve you well for many years.

All of the Captain Paul's EDGE files would work with your Lowrance HDS 7, if your obtain Lowrance’s FREE download for Data Transfers. The Lowracne GPS DATA MANAGER (GDM-6) is available as a download from their web site at The program allows you to transfer data such as waypoints, tracks and routes to and from your PC computer and the Lowrance Elite unit by means of a spare memory card. You will also need a spare Secure Digital (SD) memory Card in order to complete the transfer. Such SD cards are available from a variety of Office Supply stores as well as discount department stores, such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy and even Big Lots stores. A 1 GB size card will certainly do, but the price break will be on a 2 or 4 GB size card. I have seen that size SD cards on sale for about $10.

The Edge files are sent as an attachment to an email that is sent to you via the internet. You then save the Edge files to a folder in your Documents or Library, open the Lowracne GDM-6, and in the GDM program open the EDGE file for the area of your choice. The EDGE waypoints then appear in the GDM program which allows you to add or edit the positions and save it to the spare memory card. The memory card, a spare Secure Digital card, is then removed from your computer data card reader~writer and placed in your GPS unit. Then by using the MENU features in the GPS unit, are transferred into the internal memory of the unit.

All of the Edge waypoints then appear as overlays on what ever mapping program you have in your GPS unit.

The procedure is not very difficult as the EDGE files come with instructions for doing the download, but I have and will offer a one on one in person or via the telephone guidance session for getting the EDGE files into your GPS unit. There is no charge to the purchaser.

The Edge files offer fisherman an opportunity to get a head start in fishing these areas. In addition, some of the EDGE are underwater reefs and land features which are just below the water surface.

The areas along Bayou Lafourche near Golden Meadow are covered in the CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE for LEEVILLE EAST, for those locations between Bayou Lafourche and Barataria Bay and LEEVILLE WEST for the area between Bayou Lafourche and the Houma Navigation Canal. The Leeville East has over 180 EDGE waypoint and the Leeville West has over 340 locations.

I also have a Fishing Edge file called VERMILLION BAY, for that area.

The CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE programs are offered ONLY via the OUTDOOR STORE on the LOUISIANA SPORTSMAN Web site. The site can be reached by clicking on the “Outdoor Store” link at the right side of the white banner on the home page.

Contact me again if you need any additional information or if you need any a GPS position fix on any specific location.

~ Captain Paul ~