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Hunting in False River in South Central Louisiana


New Year's evening I decided to take my husband hunting who doesn't usually hunt to try and kill him a doe as his FIRST deer. We were in Batchelor,LA behind my brother in laws home where I usually don't hunt but since we were spending the evening there to celebrate New Year's and I knew where a stand was that my brother in law usually takes my neice I said why not try there. Me and my husband Nick got on the stand at about 3:30pm at around 4pm a spike walks out and turns away from us heading down the right-of-way and makes the turn out of sight. Then at about 4:15pm a 6pt appears from the left and my husbands whispers look and the deer is spooked so I tell him hush he hears us and I go to get my gun. As I pick up my .270 WSM and go to scope the 6pt I see MUFFASSA standing in the background about 50yards from the 6pt and they looking each other down and I begin to SHAKE.. So, at the hardest I hold the gun as steady as I can thinking this is my lifetime chance to kill what I have waited my whole life for I have to breathe and pull the trigger don't close my eyes don't jerk just pull and let the gun suprise me so I did and after hearing the shot I think I closed my eyes and blanked out from there but when I looked backed up he was slowly walking away the the 6pt was just still standing broad side instead of handing my gun to my husband letting him shoot the 6 I was shocked and locked up. He stood at the end of the right-of-way for a minute or 2 then disappeared into the thicket. The 6pt followed him and then he was out of sight. I just knew I missed him when he walked off. It was raining so my boss told me we needed to get down and see if they had blood where I shot before the rain washed it away so at about 5pm we got down and found a little blood then about 30 more yards found a little more and that was it so we left it at that until my posse got there to help. At about 6:30 we started back then all of a sudden we heard my step dad holler 'You Got Him Erica, You Got Him'!! We all started running and there he was about 10 yards into a thicket where he laid down to DIE... 14points, 17inch spread, 230lbs. What a way to end the year of 2011!!
January 03, 2012 at 3:25pm
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Posted January 04, 2012 at 2:59pm
You did it!!!

You finally did it!!! As proud as you are, just remember there are a whole bunch of us that are just as proud, and just as happy that you were the one to take him! You deserve it, enjoy!!!

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