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Fishing for Tiger Sharks

Tiger Sharks prowl both the in-shore and open waters of the Gulf of Mexico and are tireless feeders that can attack anything, everything, anytime, anywhere. They are tenacious, acrobatic, and terribly strong when hooked providing even seasoned big-game fishermen a test of skill.

The Tiger Sharks' eating habits make it a good bet for a ‘trophy catch’, but its aggressive tendencies in shallow water proves it is a predator that poses danger to humans.

As fishermen catch and cut open Tiger Sharks; the source of their “eats anything” reputation holds true as fish, crabs, turtles, stingrays, birds, other sharks, nuts and bolts, lumps of coal, articles of clothing, boat cushions, tin cans, random garbage and even car parts have been found!

Tiger Sharks even will sometimes attempt to ram or jump into a boat before they are even hooked in an effort to reach the source of the bait that drew them in the first place!

Tiger shark hunters must treat this eating machine with utmost respect and once hooked, the shark should be fought until completely exhausted and then killed before being brought boat-side or onto the deck. A living shark brought close to an over-confident fishermen can cause serious injury as the shark can bite with strength until it draws it’s very last breath.

Fish On!

Captain Mike
tiger shark?
hope ya'll caught that monster way-ay-ay-ay-ay offshore?? how big is it??
The photo you posted looks like a Mako Shark. How do you target Tiger SHarks vs. other sharks?
Killing Tigers and/or Hammer
Wow, I’d never kill a Tiger or a Hammer on purpose and in some waters they are now protected. I’m not sure about offshore.

I caught 2 Tigers over the New Years Even weekend from the beach. Much smaller that your catches. Although I have seen 12ft Tigers caught from the beach.

Good Luck and Tight Lines'

The state wildlife commission approved a ban on the killing of tiger sharks and three species of hammerhead Thursday to protect predators that have suffered severe overfishing.

The four shark species won protection at a meeting in Naples of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which voted to prohibit the killing of tiger sharks, great hammerheads, scalloped hammerheads and smooth hammerheads. Catch and release fishing will still be permitted.

Like I siad, it may be different offshore, I'm sure other gulf states will follow.
That would be a Mako
Capt. Mike, for a charter captain I would think you could tell the difference between a Mako and a tiger. Stop posting other people's pics, especially when you dont know what you are talking about. Your words of wisdom posts on this site are very entertaining to say the least, but get your facts straight. Oh yea, how many tigers have you caught??
learn your fish
that is cleary not a tiger shark. that shark right there is either a bull or a mako. the dead give away is the teeth. tigers have saw shaped teeth, not the needle-shaped teeth like this one. how can you call yourself a captain?
That's a Mako caught 2 years ago by Brycen B and Capt. One-Eye Ed. I dont recall the weight but I believe it was around 800+ LBs, and would have went over 1,000 Lbs if the Shark's guts wouldn't have detached while being towed in.
A couple years ago, we got into some Tiger Sharks at the Lump fishing for Tuna and whatever else was there. We dropped some dead bait to the bottom, and were bringing up Snapper and other fish, and would get hit halfway up. We got 3 of the Tigers to the boat, all were in the 6-7' range. I have an awesome pic that I posted on here a few years ago.