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Mike Holaday

I am planning to buy a handheld GPS device. I am looking at the Garmin GPS MAP 60CSX. Do you have a recommendation on this or any other marine GPS devices?

Do you also do fishing charters, and if so what area do you charter out of?

Many thanks and Merry Christmas.

My email address is and I would like to receive emails from you as well.
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Mike Holaday ~

And a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours.

The Garmin GPSMAP 60Csx is a very fine unit, but it is now listed as a “Discontinued” model on the Garmin web site. (

The GPSMAP 60 series of hand held units are replaced by the Garmin GPSMAP 62 series.

The GPSMAP 62 offers improvements over the battery life and the speed that the unit operates and its accessory mapping configurations. It is their “Flagship” line of hand held units. The GPSMAP 62 series with a “T” designation has topographical maps in 1”100,000 scale of the entire U.S. loaded in the internal memory. Of course it can also take the Garmin topos in 1:24000 scale which is sold by regions. I am a big fan of using topo type maps in the coastal marshes, as they simply show more detailed features than those maps based on NOAA Marine Charts. The GPSMAP 62 series can also accommodate the BIRDS EYS satellite images of mapping, which when coupled with the topos make an unbeatable combo.

I recommend that you investigate the features of these two units to see which of the GPSMAP is the way to go. You may find the GPSMAP 60 at a lower price than the 62 series, but that is probably because the dealer wants to clear out his stock of the older units.

If you are set about the GPSMAP 60 Csx, I suggest that you also purchase as many of the accessories as possible as they will become scarce as time goes on.

Health reasons caused me to have to give up my chartering, but the LOUISIANA SPORTSMAN web site has an extensive list of Charter Guides under the Business link on the home page. ( tHESE ARE ACCOMPLISHED GUIDES.

I don’t have an automated email system to contact all of my readers, but I try to answer all questions on the Sportsman and individual emails that I receive. Keep a check on the REPORTS section of the Sportsman to have up to date info on questions and facts on GPS as well as HUNTING and FISHING and other outdoor topics.

In the mean time, if I could be of any help to you, don’t hesitate to contact me again.

~ Captain Paul ~
I got a 60. It's cool. But that 62 can go with bird'seye. Go look online at what that is. You can download the satellite image of the area you are going and see it like google earth instead of a black screen with some little dots on it. Like loran vs GPS.