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Bill Elrod

Hey Capt Paul;
I'm thinking about getting a GPS system. I would like to get one that would work in my car as well an in my boat. Does this kind of system exist?? I'd be interested in hearing your recommendations.
Bill Elrod
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ BILL ELROD ~

I recently posted an answer to basically the same question from another reader by the name of MARK.

Yes, there are several units from a variety of manufactures that could serve the dual purpose WITH THE PROPER MAPPING.

Besides meeting a weather proof standard of at least IPX7 (resists damage when submersed in water for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter), the dual function unit should have the ability to accept supplemental mapping programs and be powered by the vehicle’s 12 volt DC system.

Some units are designed only for a protected weather environment such as the interior of an auto. These types should NOT be used in a marine environment.

Take note of the other posting and check out the leading manufacturers of consumer type GPS units on their internet web sites. There will be many units that could be used in both the auto and in your boat with the proper accessories.

Look at the Garmin ( ), Lowrance (, Delorme ( and review their line of units.

As the size of the screen increases so will the overall cost of the unit. Touch screen units will be more expensive than button operated units.

Do not consider a unit that cannot accommodate supplemental mapping or be connected to a computer.

Narrow down your selection to a short list and get back with me.

Captain Paul