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Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
115# slickhead

115# slickhead

65#'s of good eatin

65#'s of good eatin

First two deer!

My oldest boy, who is 8 years old, killed his first two deer this weekend. He shot a 115# doe at 60 yards on Sat. evening and then shot a 65# button buck on Sun. morning at 54 yards. I couldn't have been prouder. He did everything on his own and made perfect double lung shots on both deer. This weekend was the first time he had ever fired his .243win handi-rifle. He had practiced a lot with a scoped Gamo pellet rifle but I didn't want to scare him with the noise and recoil of a big rifle. He made awesome shots but were still gonna keep everything under 75 yards for a while until he gets a little older. A couple of guys mentioned on here before about using the federal premium 85gr. boat tail hollow points in a .243 with good results and I would definately agree. Both deer ran less than 30 yards with lung shots which I think is great considering no shock from hitting shoulder or spine was done. That little bullet tore that chest up!
November 14, 2011 at 10:06pm

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