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Need some help Planting winter Rye

Ok, I have a few questions!!

I have just picked up a place to hunt on private land and there are fields there already. I have already bush hog and disk the fields and I feel like I'm late on planting. Now the fields have not been raked which I was told that the disk grass will die and I can seed winter rye and it will come up.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this if you have any. I am ready to seed this week.

Thanks for any help!!
It will grow. I would put wheat or a forage oat in with it. Definitely get it down ASAP!!! It may take i while for it to make it through the dead grass but it will. Oh yeah and hope for some rain!!! HAHAHAHHAA My fields need it!!
Having planted everything u can plant for deer, use wheat for winter plots. Deer do not eat rye grass, but they love wheat. You are not even close to being to late, check the planting dates or ask any farmer, u dont plant wheat till mid nov. You can plant it early and if by a miracle u get rain and it grows, deer will still not eat it till after thanksgiving. I just planted half my 15 acres fri. and will do the rest before the next rain. You need to burn the grass, then disc, then plant and disc it litely. Forget lime, not important, but fertilize heavy.
is right you are not to late to plant.
If you plant now, by the time its up and growing
good it will be late DEC. early JAN.when everything else is dead.Thats when you want it most.
But if in a hurry to plant get a mix of rye wheat and oats,and just over seed your area with it and fert.Then to cover the seeds drag a piece of fence
and old gate anything like that to cover seeds.
On a acre field i would put 200lbs triple 17 or 300lbs of triple 13,fert,25lbs of rye,50lbs of oats,and 25 lbs of wheat.
I have used both the Buck Forage Oats and the Plot Spike Forage Feast and they both are very hardy mixes. I agree with hunt r about the rye. It is pretty looking but not my first choice to plant. Wheat is very similar to rye will grow almost anywhere. How big are your fields??
Speck-taker is right if u can get some rain fairly soon. But if it sits for couple weeks birds will eat a lot.I plant clover because i want it to last several years, but they love wheat in the winter. It will sprout and grow very quickly if it gets rained on, and they love it best befors it branches, so if i do it like others have said for winter, since wheat is relatively cheap, i will plant it two or three times thru the winter, depending on weather to keep fresh new shoots popping up.
not at all to late to plant.
winter wheat w/ a mix of turnip or mustard greens.
Thanks guys
The fields are right at a acre big. They have been bush hog and disked. I have to take all the dead grass out them plant. May try to rake Wed. Got a slim chance of rain Thursday.
My two cents worth
I haven't hunted deer in about 30 years (since grad school) but have done a lot of foodplot/oat research. I'm not selling anything so the advice is worth what you paid..

Now is the perfect time to plant small grains.
Deer pefer oats over any other grass crop, ryegrass is dead last choice. Wheat is second and cereal rye is third. A mix of 60% oats to 40% wheat is good.

Brassicas (mustard and turnips) are not a good choice. Deer generally avoid them until a hard freeze and they only last a very short while when deer start eating them - they don't grow back.

Plant about 100 pounds oats per acre for deer (25 pounds per 100 feet x 100 feet. Choose a good winter variety tested for deer of forage. There's a lot of crap out there, including spring oats that freeze out with the first hard cold snap. Try to get seed placement between 1/2 and 1 inch deep. You should have 40 seed per square foot and a stand of about 30 plants per square foot when done.

A soil test a month before planting is always a good thing. Just put 'oats for pasture' on the soil test box and follow the fertility recommendations. Fertilize at planting with 300 pounds 10-10-10 or 13-13-13 plus another 100 pounds of urea (46-0-0). This give you 70-80 units of nitrogen plus adequate phosphorous and potash. You need to put out about 200 pounds per acre of pelletized lime for good growth. Lime (calcium and magnesium) are essential. 200 pounds of pelletized (quick) lime will not change your soil pH much but will quickly supply calcium. Most foodplots could really use 1 - 2 tons/acre of ag lime, but 200 pounds pelletized lime every year works.

You might think about putting up an electric double-stranded (solar) fence for the first month to let the plots get established. You could then expose half the plot at first to attract the deer and completely remove the fence a week before you're ready to hunt that stand.
Eric I would not worry about raking now because the seeds will get into the dead grass and the dampness (DEW ) in the morning will keep the grass wet and help the seeds germernate.