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Fishing Lake Borgne

Launched at Rigolets at about 5:45 am on 7/1. They were already out of live shrimp but had live cocahoe's. Fished with cocahoe's and plastics in the Biloxi Marsh. Nothing inside the marsh but the mouth of the bayous hold a few fish. Many throw backs and came home with 7 good spec's and a great flounder. Any body else have advise for where to catch the spec's aroung Rigolets or Borgne area?
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You can do much better if you do your homework and just fish your area. Spend more time and understand exactly when and why fish bite in your area is much more productive than rolling the dice everytime you go to biloxi. I know the biloxi marsh is awesome but the rigolets and Lake bornge is pretty good itself. You will do much better in an area that is ok fishing if you put in more time and homework than an area that is great with no experience or time into.
Best spots in rigolets are normally anywhere there is a bridge crossing, there is about 5 of them. Some are good on falling tides, some on incoming. These bridges that cross the passes in the rigolets are usually best at tide change. You can not go by the charts. You have to be out there to see when it will change and it stays on the same pattern everyday until the wind direction shifts drastically.
A lot of times the tide is pushing too hard to fish these spots. When that is the case the rigs from unknown to alligator point are good. If you can't get the trout going you can throw spinner baits on all the shorelines of lake borgne. Lake catherine can be good too. There is a lot of bayous that empty into the lake on its eatern shoreline.