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limit on ducks while staying at ur camp

ok guys what is the rules if i stay at my camp for the weekend and have 2 days worth of my limits when im on my way back to the landing after 2 days can i have 2 limit in my boat when im on my way home ?
possession limit
yes, that is a legal possession limit (2 days' limit). that is the max. number of ducks you can have.
Possession limit
You can have a two-day possession limit provided you can prove that you hunted on two separate days. The birds also need to be individually tagged with the species, date killed, hunters name, address and license number and signed by the hunter.

This applies when transporting birds between your camp and your car/home. You cannot have a two day possession limit 'in the field' i.e. between your duck pond and your camp!
As mentioned above yes you can have 2-day possession limit.

In addition to tagging, make sure you have a fully feathered wing or the head still attached and you will be fine.
'From Pond to Camp and Beyond'
the 'Great Escape' !!!...what ever happened to self-imposed raw intergity ???...cheers
Vague Issue
This is probably an issue that needs to be addressed by someone at LDWF. Let's say you hunt Saturday and Sunday, staying at your camp in between. If you shoot ducks on Saturday, when you leave them at the camp to hunt on Sunday, the ducks probably should be tagged because they are at that point NOT IN YOUR POSSESSION. People come and go at hunting camps and if checked there, everyone may not be present, which could cause those remaining at the camp to be ticketed for being over the limit if there are no tags on the first day's birds.

Once you finished hunting on Sunday, let's say that you now have 12 ducks (6 Saturday & 6 Sunday) and are leaving the camp to return to your car/home. At that point all of the ducks ARE IN YOUR POSSESSION, so is the actual tag a necessity? That is the vague area. But if you already prepared the tag, just bring it with you anyway as a precaution, but the actual requirement of a tag at that specific point is somewhat unclear in the regulations.
Tag, Tag, Tag
Those birds at the camp need to be tagged with the name, address, hunting license, species, date taken and signature of the hunter. Otherwise, as you noted, one person leaves that camp with their ducks still there and there is an over-limit situation with no proof of who the extra ducks belong to. You can actually transport or have in possession the birds of another as long as they are properly tagged.

To be 'better safe than sorry,' I always make it a practice to tag birds on a two-day hunt!
All of your ducks should have either a head or fully-feathered wing attached for identification. Once you get to your primary home and clean your birds completely for consumption or the freezer, then they can be removed. But that also stirs up another hornet's nest concerning how many ducks can you have in your freezer! It would be nice if LDWF came up with a FAQ list to address all of these issues, as they always cause confusion.
I was assuming uncleaned birds or those that were simply gutted. If you clean your birds in the field, they must always have at least the head or fully-feathered wing attached to allow the agents to make positive identification of species/sex of the bird. This has to be done and is NOT elimated by just tagging the birds.
Week Hunt
Just throwing out another hypothetical - that will hopefully happen this season. Say you're staying at your camp for a week and get more than 12 birds. Some from the beginning of the week you want to freeze of course. Do you have to leave head or wing on these? Also when you're going from camp to house with more than 12 ducks are you in violation? Thanks and good huntin!
just talked to wild life and fish
well guess the reason i posted that is cuz we had a fuss at work about it so i finally called and hate to break it to everyone NO MATTER IF UR AT THE CAMP FOR 2 DAYS WHEN UR IN UR BOAT ON THE WAY BACK TO UR TRUCK U CAN ONLY HAVE ONE DAY LIMIT!!!!!!!!! WHICH I THINK IS BULL SH*&
They are wrong
Not sure who you were talking to but either there was a misunderstanding or they were smoking crack.

You cannot at any time have over a 1-day limit while traveling between the field and your camp/home.

You CAN have a 2-day possession limit when traveling from the camp to your home.

Our group has been checked dozens of times at the Calumet Cut boat landing with 2-day possession limits for 3-4 people. It was never a problem because every duck had a tag, and every duck still had the head attached.

Now if you don't stop at the camp and the Warden sees you heading to the boat landing straight from the field, you better only have a 1 day limit.
Clear....well kind of
I read the regs yesterday, and unless I am tripping there is some new verbage. Personal (Abode) is new and maybe Field possession limit is new. Also, opening day bag limit is new.

It is very clearly stated that you can never, at any point have any more than a daily limit in your person when going from the blind to temporary housing, hunting camp, Motel etc......

I think the description of the regulation is clear enough. It seems to be getting wordy and legislative though,as if written by a lawyer.
Camp & 2 day limit
We have always kept a 2 day limit at our camp, have been checked many times and never was an issue but we always had the birds tagged properly and usually iced down.

We were told that if some gungho agent checked us we could be cited. The way we were told is you have to be able to access your camp by a wheeled vehicle to be able to keep a 2 day limit.