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What's the difference between standard mapping chips and Capt. Pauls downloadable waypoints program? Will be using to navigate the delacroix and hopedale areas.
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Response by Captain Paul
July 07, 2011 at 3:20pm
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Extremehuntr1~

Most GPS units can accommodate supplemental mapping programs that are specified by the manufacturer to enhance the basic mapping that comes with these types of GPS units or chart plotters.

Although some manufacturers provided for a cable to connect the GPS unit to a computer where downloads of the maps are provided, most units now provide a card slot to accommodate accessory mapping which usually greatly improves the mapping in the GPS unit. These mapping programs are usually sold on a preloaded memory card that is designed to be placed into a card receptacle in the housing of the GPS unit.

For some units, these type of accessory maps are based on U.S.G.S topographical, NOAA Marine Charts, National Park Trail maps or Highway and Street maps. The user can change maps by simply plugging in a different type of map or a map that has different area of coverage.

The Captain Paul FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINTS, are DATA files. These Edge waypoints are sent as an email attachment, transferred to a computer file then downloaded into a GPS unit via a manufacturer’s connecting cable or via a user supplied memory card, much as the mapping program card that is purchased as an accessory item. Once installed in the GPS unit the data card is removed and the accessory mapping card is replaced in the unit.

The EDGE positions, that include fishing locations and some navigation points, appear as overlays on whatever mapping program is installed in the GPS unit.

Users are advised NOT to use a supplemental memory card for such transfers as writing on a data card that has existing images on the card could destroy the data on that card by overwriting over the existing data.

The Edge files are transferred by using one of the manufacturer’s approved DATA transfer programs that is offered for such transfers. Some manufactures provide a FREE download for such programs, others require that you purchase the data transfer program from their web site.

The EDGE files, EXCEPT for “THE MRGO WAYPOINTS and Routes Around the New Hopedale Dam” are waypoint positions. The aforementioned MRGO Route Edge contains several routes to allow the boater with a GPS the ability to navigate around the new dam across the MRGO just east of Bayou la Loutre by Hopedale.

I have been advised that some competitors offer a memory card for some GPS units that contain routes in some of the south east Louisiana fishing areas. I have no idea if they are compatible for all GPS units or if they contain Fishing Locations.

They are delivered to your email address as an email attachment.

~ Captain Paul ~
July 06, 2011 at 8:46pm

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