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Lake Pontchartrain to Cocodrie

From Lake Pontchartrain to Cocodrie, I am just all over the place but I am enjoying every minute, and learning a lot of new stuff.. Lake P still has some fish but It is a real hit and miss deal, one day you catch them and the next you don't, but I have other options in the lake..Photo of basket fish was off the Tressels a few days ago, then of to run with Capt. Marty in Cocodrie as he has already posted a report, now yesterday we pulled a long day with Capt. Bryce over at TopWater Charter and all we done was sight fish redfish, saw a load of fish probably 60-70 fish but only catching 6 and lost 7 off the hook and the others would not eat, those fish had me wanting to pull my hair out..Back to the lodge we went to get all fish cleaned..At 4:00pm the 37 foot Jupiter showed up with brand new 300 yamaha's and of course we had to go run them, but did not leave without the snapper rods, pulled out of TopWater lodge at 5:00pm and Capt. Johnathon took us right to the snapper and the jupiter just went right through the 4 footers in the gulf, returned to lodge at 8:00 with 5 man limit of snapper, 1 cobia 2 Mangroves and a few released gotta love those long fun days of fishing..

Capt. Marty
Capt. John
Capt. Bryce
Capt. Johnathon

For all the help..

put together a 5 minute video of snapper trip and a few pictures
Living A Dream
'Living A Dream Guide Service' says it all!!
Don't forget DuLarge, caught you sneaking around down there also! Man those 3 big 300 Yamahas was just about enough to get your hair messed up, I caught you checking in the video!
Living A Dream
Awesome video. 900 hp! Wow!