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Capt. Britt Ordes/ The Big Outdoors Charters

May has been Complete Chaos!!!

It has been a while since I posted a report but Capt. Jonathan Allen and I have been on the water evryday, and the fishing is crazy right now.

Saturdays Trip. Capt. Jonthan went out in Lake Pontchartrain with Three people and caught 63 trout all on Docksides Live shrimp.

Monday I took Andy Malmo and his two sons from Memphis Tenn. They want to sight fish redfish in crystal clear water. I took them to some shallow water duck ponds and sight fished with marsh works gold spoons and caught a three man limit of reds and about 10 bass all ranging from 3 to 4 1/2 pounds. We caught about another half dozen reds all to be released and caught another day.

Tuesday Andy and his two sons where at it again! We went back to the same ponds and put together the same result as day one. Three man limit of reds sight fishing with gold spoons. These guys had an absolute blast and got to see the true meaning to sight fishing.

Tuesday Capt. Jonthan Allen was back on the water in the lake. He had three people again and they caught 48 monstor trout ranging 3 to 5lb average! They also caught 10 redfish all on Dockside live shrimp.

Wednesday I had Todd his wife and there son Beaux from lafayette, LA. They wanted to catch a box full of speckled trout so I went to the outer islands and fished live shrimp under a popping cork. It did not take long before they started slinging trout in the boat three at a time. I only moved the boat two times and put 75 trout in the box. Todd said he has been fishing saltwater all his life and this was his first time ever limiting out. I was honored to have the opportunity to help him accomplish this task.

Capt. Jonthan Also fished on Wednesday in the Lake And put the smack down on another impressive box of trout. He had two poeple and put together a great box of 50 trout. Most caught on sliding cork rigged with Docksides Live shrimp.

Thursday Capt. Jonthan went out to do an article with Marsh and Bayou and they did it yet again. 48 trout with three people. I have to say there are some pretty impressive numbers of trout coming out of the lake. Everyone can read about that success in next months article in Marsh and Bayou.

Like I said it has been crazy in the fishing world the past two weeks and only looks to get even better! If you want to get out and experience this fast action give us a call and we will put you on the fish! We have a few opening and they are filling up quick so give us a call.

Go check out our website and see all the pictures from the last few trip!

Capt. Britt Ordes
The Big Outdoors Charters