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Are Sand trout good to eat?

Hello all. I am new to inshore and offshore fishing, as I have lived in central louisiana most of my life and never fished out there. Now living in southern louisiana, I have the saltwater fishing fever bad! I was down at grand isle fishing off of the pier and caught a ton of what I now know to be sand trout. Are these any good to eat? Also, caught quite a few catfish with very long fins on them, and a few croaker. Anyone eat any of these fish?
Sand trout aka White trout are good to eat .
They really need a lil special treatment though.
Set up you ice chest w/ ice and water so that as soon as you catch a white stickit down in the ice / water. When fileting whites pull the fish out of the ice / water and filet . rinse well and put the filet in a bowl of clean ice an water.
The fish must be kept cold.
The catfish are gafftops, They are probably one of the slimiest fish you will ever fool with ,but again ,Good to eat.
delicate meat
What Eman said, but white trout do not hold up too well to freezing. Keep them cold and eat them fresh!
Re: Are Sand trout good to eat?
Yes they are croaker and the saltwater catfish fry up very good if a good size