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55 gallon drum septic tank

I heard of people do this but have never seen one. I just need it for a dog pen.
Does anyone know how this system works or can tell me how to do it?
you will need a plastic 55 gal. drum, 2 bulk head fittings, some gravel, and the PVC pipe with holes in it.

There are 2 ways you can make it, the first is to dig a deep hole and trench where you want it, cut a hole in the side of the drum close to the top, install the bulk head fitting, connect the PVC drain pipe and lay it in the trench. line the bottom of the trench with a layer of gravel then cover the pipe with more gravel. Lay some plastic sheeting over the gravel and cover with dirt.
Install the second bulk head fitting in the top of the drum( you can also use a toilet flange here) connect your drain line from you pen to the bulk head fitting.
septic tank
option #2 is about half way up the plastic drum drill 1/4' holes all the wat around the drum, drill lots of holes, dig the hole deep and alot wider than the drum. Pour about 6' of gravel in the bottom of the hole, set your drum in the center and fill the rest of the hole with gravel.
You can use either a bulk head fitting or a toilet flange to connect the piping from you pen to the top of the drum.
If you use the flange make sure to either bolt it or screw it to the drum.

I have see it done both ways, I did mine like the first post, with the field bed pipe and gravel. I had between 4 and 18 rabbit dogs in mine for years.
Thanks. How deep and long does the trench need to be? How deep does the drum need to be also?