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Bass Fishing in Saline-Larto in Central Louisiana

Doug Schexnayder


2010 Top Ten with 8 clubs from 2 states , 40 boats 80 guys, 50 bass max per team, Horseshoe Marina in Monterey, La. water to 74 and super low, calm bluebird...

1st...Team Miss-Lou BC with 70.43 pounds led by the boats of Steven Mitchell/Tim Houghton (18.43) and Dix Houghton/Henry Butler (17.02), MLC weighed 43/50 bass with help from Albert Crouch/Ken McKnight (16.19), Nelson Book Jr./Eddie Roberts (13.48) and Doug Schexnayder/W. Buddy Smith (5.31). Three plus bass were 3.87 and 3.15.

2nd...Team Dixie BC with 66.00 pounds led by the boats of Robbie Buckles/J. T. Switzer (20.20) and Justin Foster/Herman Goodman (15.93) with Herman having the lunker of 4.80, DBC weighed 40/50 bass with help from Alan Brumfield/Nick Rushing (14.43), Terrell Foster/Glen Foster (8.69) and Terrell Jones/Buster Martinez (6.75). Three plus bass were 3.72. 3.85 and TT lunker 4.80.

3rd...Team River City BC with 61.80 pounds led by the boats of Corky Ables/Dennis McDaniel (18.92) and Dale Jamison/Jimmy June (14.71), RBC weighed 39/50 bass helped by Mike Essary/Jay Hamilton (12.37), Bo Strahan/Greg Rabb (10.70) and Carroll Ray Huff/Ryan Marchbanks (5.10). Three plus bass were 3.85 and 4.41.

4th...Team La. Pigstickers BC with 55.65 led by the boats of David Cooper/Gary Waller (19.43) and Randy Pitre/Claude Rabb (15.81), LPC weighed 33/50 bass helped by John Bruce/Rick Gillespie (8.90), Matt Smith/Ritchie Barrett (8.88) and James Mullins/Ronnie Gillespie (2.64). Three plus bass were 3.05.

5th...Team Kingfisherman's BC with 45.70 pounds led by the boats of Tony Hauer/Robert Foster (14.60) and Andrew Rounds/Jimmy Sheppard (12.69), KBC weighed 26/50 bass helped by Robert Myles/Issac Jones (8.27), DeWitt Wyatt/Francis Ransom (7.49) and James Brown/L .L. Chatman (2.65). Three plus bass were 3.67.

6th...Team Concordia BC with 41.87 pounds led by the boats of Jeff Greenlee/Dennis Mulvahill (14.00) and Theodore Walker/Alonzo Walker (10.24), CBC weighed 28/50 bass helped by George Prince/Jerry Enis (7.77), Mark Morace/Russ Pritchard (7.25) and Grady Boykin/Chad Pugh (2.61). Three plus bass were none.

7th...Team Borderline Bass Anglers with 33.55 pounds led by the boats of Johnny Havard/Joey Gilbert (9.33) and Scott Smith/Wayne Doolittle (9.15), BBA weighed 25/50 bass helped by Bill Murray/Robbie Hargis (7.17), Keith Andrews/Nick Andrews (5.21) and Barry Chapman/Joey Chapman (2.69). Three plus bass were none.

8th...Team Southwest Ms BC with 25.30 pounds led by the boats of David Higginbotham/Jerry Stubbs (7.19) and Tim Jones/Ben Moree (6.97), SWC weighed 20/50 bass helped by Dale Causey/Jessie Mabry (5.28), Brad Wooley/Chris Toler (3.97) and Wayne Foreman (1.89). Three plus bass were none.
October 17, 2010 at 5:18pm

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