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Ferry Issue

Three weeks ago I took my daughter down to fish at Pointe a la Hache. I called the ferry board and they said that traffic on the ferry had been reduced to 1 ton vehicles, but crossing with a boat trailer would not be a problem. We crossed at 6:15 and I had great day fishing. Saturday, I arrived at Belle Chasse at 6:00, pulled over, and watched them load the entire boat. When I pulled ahead, I was told no boat trailers could cross.While I rode up to the Challmette ferry I realized that what bothered me more then the fact that they can't seem to make up their mind is that the deckhand stood there for twenty minutes before he told me anything. At Beshel's they told me that having the Pointe a la Hache ferry closed has been bad enough, but no trailers across at Belle Chasse has really hurt what little business they have had. They are just starting to get back on their feet, but it just seems like the parish doesn't care and is just making things more difficult for the east bank.
March 26, 2006 at 3:53pm

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