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harrylarkProfile Photo
Fishing in Kepler Lake in Northwest Louisiana
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1 hour ago
JOHN C.Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
I was reminded by 'Missy' John (Holy
Mackerel) Gremillion's girl-friend...That
Friday, July 3rd was his birthday. Happy
bBrthday John...Hope you caught several
300# tarpon, limits of big trout up there
and noooo redthings! Miss You...John
Castelluccio, Jr.
3 hours ago
G.F. Fishing & HuntingProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Louisiana
Photo Album
Headed out of Bay St. Louis to Flat boat and the the islands beyond. First time out there so I haven't learned the names but I tell you we did pretty good with live shrimp before the heat ran us off. Had both shrimp and croakers, the fish were most definitely hitting the shrimp better.
Happy 4th of July and want to send out a big THANK YOU to all those who are serving or have served in....  Read More
5 hours ago
saniaemirza125Profile Photo
Fishing in Louisiana
I am Isabel its almost nice of her down in like in an hour minute my last now are usually super late mother really matters too much but I A I am honest you know necessarily sleep that great on like a stomach um so hurry get that done and out of ideas your YouTube are ponders done shower is done arm little work done so thatís more doom actually at the city tonight the water now Rockies and out....  Read More
6 hours ago
paramedic457Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Fourchon / Grand Isle in Southeast Louisiana
I am new to surf fishing and Elmers Island. This morning was a bust wading out to almost cheat deep and getting all beat up. Packed up and fished the calmer sides of the road. Caught 1 trout 14 inches and 5 small redfish. Release all back. I would like any info for tomorrow when I come back.

I was using live shrimp with a lot of bites. I ha e a small fortune of artificial and I am not....  Read More
13 hours ago
Quackquackboom96Profile Photo
Public Lands in Louisiana
cant believe they let the lease go for Union wma! Killed my first deer there 10 years ago and my most recent last year there! Best chances at getting a deer on a wma in the state in my opinion always worth the drive from Gonzales! Anyone else going to miss Union ?
June 29 at 9:41am
kirstankapliProfile Photo
Fishing in Louisiana
You I'm yes or no I'm boom he had mixed feelings might not everybody is a favor of as tragedy that we K Colby why Andy bring your own device I'm and some will say no sorry this is too much of a security risk I don't want this to happen use the devices I'm telling you and the rest is for your personal use only and that's why you okay Read More
7 hours ago
marymorrisProfile Photo
Freshwater Fishing in Toledo Bend in Central Louisiana
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7 hours ago
sweetwater marinaProfile Photo
Site Sponsor sweetwater marina
Inshore Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Today at Sweetwater Marina on Delacroix Island the fishing was good and the weather was HOT. Before our report we just want to wish everyone a great 4th of July weekend. And we just a reminder, please be safe on the water this weekend. We had an incident with a customer having heat related issues, so please keep that in mind also when thinking about being safe this weekend. On a scale of....  Read More
8 hours ago
bullcoonProfile Photo
General in Southeast Louisiana

WINN DIXIE donates to wounded warriar's this weekend....
10 hours ago
LaResearchProfile Photo
Contests in Lafitte in Southeast Louisiana
I am hosting a contest on a 400 acre plot in Buras, La to help catch over 60 monkeys used for research that escaped a mobile cage. For evey monkey you catch without harming you will receive $50, and the person or team with the most at the end of the day will win the grand prize of $5,000.

This competition will be held on June 27th from 8:00AM-2:00PM. The property is located just off of....  Read More
June 12 at 11:54am
erp1233Profile Photo
Technical in Central Louisiana
I have a 36v system. i need to wire that to my 12 cranking battery for emergency starting. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this? Thanks!
June 16 at 7:23am
Capt. Travis Miller, Millertime Fishing ChartersProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Kirk Johnson was back on the Bluewave. Blue brought his wife and good friends. The weatherman was wrong again with the winds up but we were committed already to catching trout so we headed south. 2 stops is what it took to fill the K2. The quality of trout was fantastic. Nice solid trout between 16-20 inches. Double rigged Matrix consistently doing its thing. We've been throwing Shrimp Creole....  Read More
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11 hours ago
Capt. Kim - Speckle Trout Guide ServiceProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Pre 4th Catch

Due to a misunderstanding I had no charter today.
Went with me,myself and I and did pretty good for fishing the inside.had a nice incoming tide all morning.
Played catch and release with drum ag again today.i might have to change my name to ' Drum Charters' till the miss river goes down,whenever that happens.

To book a trip call
Capt.Kim 504 884....  Read More
11 hours ago
In pursuitProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Shell Beach / Hopedale / Reggio in Southeast Louisiana
Is it just me or is Black Bay not holding the trout right now. I saw a gar at Lonesome Island so I'm thinking the fresh water has got the trout on the run. I'm just getting back to fishing the Hopedale area and could use some good tips on where I could go to find some trout. I haven't been able to get my kids on a good bite like I had experienced pre Katrina and want to get them to....  Read More
June 29 at 11:08pm
bonefishyakProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Fourchon / Grand Isle in Southeast Louisiana
I'm making a kayak trip down to Grande Isle next week with 6 other kayakers. It will be our first time to the island. Any suggestions where to launch, fish, tackle etc.
12 hours ago
 the fishdoctorProfile Photo
Fishing in Louisiana
Looking to get a 3 bank onboard battery charger. What brand would you NOT recommend?
12 hours ago
jbab627Profile Photo
Freshwater Fishing in False River in South Central Louisiana
Does anyone know of a web site to monitor False river water level?
20 hours ago
Dockside Bait and TackleProfile Photo
Fishing in Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Pumpkins
  • Kysek
  • Matrixshad
Had a great day in the sight life today with the wife armed with matrix Shad we just missed our limit but filled the kysek cooler with pumpkins. BOOK YOUR CHARTER TODAY 985-707-9049
13 hours ago
jessitoupsProfile Photo
Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
RED, white, and blue. Shrimp on the bottom!
13 hours ago
Dockside Bait and TackleProfile Photo
Fishing in Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Deck check
  • Deck check
Capt Kris getting it done today with DockSide Clients. A boat load of nice trout. Book your trip today for a trip with Capt Kris tomorrow. 985-707-9049
13 hours ago
Capt. Travis Miller, Millertime Fishing ChartersProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Doggett Machinery were back in Dularge. The guys caught everything we have to offer from trout, reds, bass, flounder, and drum. With all the wind the thought process would be to stay inside because the trout won't bite. That's a big negative. Good communication with our team of guides helped out big time because the trout were about as hungry as they could get. It was on as fast as you could....  Read More
14 hours ago
Fishing in Fourchon / Grand Isle in Southeast Louisiana
Apparently there has been a lot of thefts on the island lately. Watch your stuff....
Yesterday at 11:05am
onewhobringsmuchProfile Photo
Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Unfortunately I purchased the Tundra series thinking colder would be better. This product is made to keep frozen food frozen. I have a chest freezer with a quick freeze mode which runs the compressor 24 hours to drop the temperature. It still takes at least 5 days for it to freeze totally laying on the bottom of the freezer. If on top it won't freeze. This freezer will freeze a 4 gallon bucket....  Read More
July 01 at 7:45am
Capt Terry BrownProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
What a night we had last night 7-2-15. Started off with the water a little high but didn't take long for it to fall out and make conditions perfect on the mud flats. Plenty of Redfish, Drum and sheepshead to shoot at.

We have plenty of openings in July & August call or send us a email.

18 hours ago

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