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Hunting Clubs in Southeast Louisiana
Expired - 2014 HUNT&SUNS HUNTING CLUB Hunting Clubs For Sale in Southeast Louisiana - $350.00

I have 5 memberships open for $350.00 a person. you can have 1 blind that you may move around through out the season at your own will. and you may bring 2 guests with you per trip. NO ACCESSSS TO A CAMP! only our camping area for tents. property is remote so no there is no where to put a camper nor is there a way to bring one out there. Launch is at the end of the bayou Dularge road by JUGGS Launch. and property is 12 miles across Caillou lake/sister lake near hackberry. just to get an idea.. if your boat runs 30mph you are looking at a 18-20 min boat ride to get out there. LOTS OF DUCKS.FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!!! SO GET THIS WHILE YOU CAN. {ALSO MAY TRADE 2YRS for a small mud motor or small outboard.} April 1st i stop taking members. SERIOUSLY INTERESTED? call or txt me with your name so i know who you are. 985-722-6643.
  • Hunt and Suns Hunting Club

  • Hunt and Suns Hunting Club

Entered Tue Mar 5th, 2013 @ 01:08 am
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