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Ammunition in Lafayette
Expired - got some various ammo in bundle price $800 firm
250x blazer fmj in ammo can-$140*****500 x 9mm fmj-$140*****600x .45 fmj + 1 box Corbon +p jhp-$300****100x.380-$35*****640x7.62x39 in sealed can-$225. Will take $800 on a bundle Concrete on bundle price . Txt email anytime and call 8 am-9pm. 337-412-9167******I am looking for socom/m1a stuff/mag, pelican or as good case for socom, .308 ammo and looking for zk22 zombie gun or stock thanks!
Entered Fri Feb 15th, 2013 @ 01:39 am
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