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Hunting Dogs in Outside Louisiana
Expired - Kemmer pup - $200.00
I have a litter of Kemmer pups, there were 7 total, I'm keeping 3 females for myself, the others were all spoken for and are already gone with the exception of one female. She was supposed to be going to South Dakota but the buyer is having health issues and has backed out.
She is not a cull of the pups. He wanted a big female that was aggressive enough to hunt coyotes and I picked this one out for him. She is plenty aggressive and is EXTREMELY well socialized.
Both parents are solid hog dogs for me, both are silent on track, hunt deep, not stupid gritty (meaning they don't get cut often but bay and bite as needed), and are very well mannered dogs. I only own 4 adult Kemmers, 2 males and 2 females. I have 1 of the adult females up for sale as she is too open for my taste. That will leave me with the 2 males and the mother to these pups. That is all that I need to catch hogs until these pups are old enough to tag along. That's how much faith I have in their abilities.
I made this cross for my own needs and would have been happy if she'd just had the 3 females for me, but she had more and I just can't keep them all. I have been wanting to make this cross ever since I got the momma dog.
I have plenty of video and pictures of the parents in action. I don't keep dogs just to feed them, they have to hunt hogs the way that I want them to or they don't remain here. I'm counting on these pups to be like their parents and I believe the percentage is high that they will be, but you never know and that's always the gamble you take when picking a pup.
I live between Floresville and San Antonio. The pup is $200 with papers. or call me at 210-422-0791. If I don't answer, leave me a message or text me, I may be unable to answer the phone at the time that you call.
  • KemmerMan

  • KemmerMan

Entered Tue Dec 11th, 2012 @ 09:44 pm
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