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Expired - Pullrite travel trailer hitch - $450.00
I have a Pull Rite 90 degree hitch for sale. I had it on my 1995 Ford F350 tow vehicle until we bought a fifth wheel and we loved it!

This hitch is amazing, it virtually eliminates trailer sway. No more 'heart attacks' when a big rig passes you on the interstate. This hitch also reduces turning raiduses. When we bought the fifth wheel I was actually disappointed,it was easier to pull the travel trailer with the Pull Rite hitch.

To see a video copy and paste this link

Extended and crew cab pick-up trucks are able to gain the turning ability of a standard cab pickup. With a 180° turning radius, tight turns and corners are no longer a challenge..

> 1,000# tongue weight model

> Performs with no sway control add-on's.

> Functions with great maneuverability and predictable emergency handling.

> 180° turning angle insures no risk of vehicle/trailer collision.

> Reversible ball mount nearly doubles ball height adjustment; tip-down feature, adjusts the ball mount to three five-degree settings for ease in hook-up.

> Draw bar may be locked in the center position to accommodate weights up to 3,500 lbs. gross trailer weight.

> Draw bar stows out-of-the-way at the right rear corner.

> Bolt-on attachment, with wide spacing of mounting points, reduces stress to the vehicle frame, creating a more secure application.

> The PullRite 90° is not recommended for standard cab pick-up trucks.

> Features PullRite's exceptional sway free design.

PullRite - The PullRite Principle.

Conventional Hitches

Trailer sway is caused by a rocking action at the ball (“B”) when the trailer is under the influence of side winds caused by passing traffic or accidentally driving onto the shoulder of the road. The rocking action is a result of steering corrections made by the driver trying to get his trailer in line.

Trailers pulled with a conventional hitch experience this “tail wagging the dog” sensation due to simple leverage factors. With the pivot point at the ball, extending 8 to 10 inches beyond the bumper, the long lever arm from the vehicle’s rear wheels (“A”) to the ball allows the trailer movement to whip the vehicle back and forth, causing violent sway conditions in the trailer.

The trailer is now driving the vehicle; the driver is unable to gain control through the vehicle’s steering, resulting in damage to both vehicle, trailer or possible personal injury. Sway controls attempt to restrict sway by controlling movement at the ball. Under hazardous or emergency conditions, the sway controls can cause accidents. In fact, most sway control manufacturers recommend disconnecting them under “adverse weather conditions”—just when you would seem to need them most.

PullRite Trailer Towing System

The PullRite eliminates sway! Using no add-on sway controls the PullRite operates like an upside-down 5th wheel, pulling your standard travel trailer from a point immediately behind the axle housing (“A”). How can this be?

The PullRite’s ball mount has no moving parts, consequently, when the equalizing bars are fit into the ball mount, the side-to-side movement is locked out, so the trailer can no longer pivot on the ball (“B”).

Using a draw bar that, in effect, extends the trailer tongue, the turning action is forced into motion at a point directly behind the axle (“A”). With the turning action at the axle and no movement at the ball (“B”), side pressures (18 wheelers, wind) merely 'try to push the vehicle sideways, steering is not affected so sway can not occur.

This hitch fits the following vehicles:
1975-2006 Ford F250/350 with 6 or 8 foot bed
1978-98 Chevy /GMC1500/2500 with 8' bed
1978-1993 Dodge500/3500 with 6 or 8 foot bed.

This hitch is over $2350.00 new and I am asking $450.00.

Call or text 225-six one zero-5000
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Entered Thu Nov 15th, 2012 @ 08:16 am
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