Louisiana Sportsman

Great Christmas Gift Cush-it rod butt cushion/floation


www.gomobymarine.com introducing the “Cush-it”, a revolutionary new fish-fighting aid with unmatched versatility and design. Seasoned captains, first-mates, and avid fishermen all agree that the “Cush-it” will soon be a mainstay on every vessel that is serious about catching big fish. The “Cush-it” is available in three sizes; Inshore (ideal for bass rods $12.95), All Species (universal use $21.95), and Big Game (offshore$25.00). on in seconds NO MORE BRUISES Doesn’t slip or twist during battle Inshore will float the rod.Big Game transforms a cooler in a fighting chair

Buoyant – closed pore design

UV resistant - Easy to store
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