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Venison Donated to Shelter Destroyed by State Inspectors

Deer Meat Donated to Shreveport Shelter Destroyed by State Health Inspectors

Is there anyone as upset as I am over the destruction of good venison that was donated to the poor and homeless?

(From KEEL radio web site, Shreveport)
'Hundreds of pounds of meat donated to a Shreveport shelter has been destroyed by health inspectors and many want to know why.

According to KTBS, deer hunters donated more than 1,500 pounds of venison to the Shreveport Rescue Mission which the Bellevue Meat Processing Plant in Haughton handled and packaged properly before delivering it to the Mission. However, State Health inspectors showed up at the mission last month and found the meat in refrigerators.

They promptly took all of the meat, threw it in dumpsters and poured bleach on it to make sure it was destroyed and not served to residents of the mission. It will cost more than $8,000 to replace the meat.

Many are asking why the meat was destroyed. Game meat is not regulated by the USDA and is therefore not allowed to be sold in local stores or donated for distribution to the public.'
the longer i live the more I am amazed at just how stupid some people can be. They would rather see people hungry than to bend their little petty rules. What so the wildlife agents do with the meat and fish they take from people. They say they donate it to charity.
Hunters for the Hungry pleas comment
It would be nice to get input from a person representing the Hunters for the Hungry organization on this issue. If this is going to be the norm then I'll just put my 'donations' in the hog trap!! Good luck!
I am on the fence with this one. I've always believed that if you will not eat it, don't kill it. Just because we get 6 tags, doesn't mean you have to kill 6 deer. If I get the chance, I kill my 6, only because I will make sausage, groundmeat, roasts, steaks, stew meat, ribs....... I substitute deer for beef. I have no problem cooking all the meat I kill. That being said, I think donating to charity is a wonderful cause. It is sad that all that meat was wasted. A solution to that would be to save the money spent on hunting once you have enough meat, and write the shelters a check for the amount of money saved by not killing just to kill. I'm still struggling to see the point of killing deer that you will not eat. To me, if that's happening, you're hunting for the wrong reason.
I used to own a restaurant. Would you serve something that should be frozen that was left out in the refrigerator for too long. The first sign of food poisoning and this whole operation would be shut down and lawsuits coming from every corner.
Texas Roadkill
In 2003 - 2005 I was in the military stationed at Ft Hood, Tx. I lived about 20 min off post in Harker Heights, Tx. It was nothing to see 20-30 deer every day in our neighborhood. I would leave the house about 0445 every morning to head into work. It was a regular occurrence to see a dead deer on side the road during my morning drive. On the return drive home in the evenings, all the deer roadkill would be gone that same day. I later found out that there were patrol vehicles that went around daily picking up the fresh kill and donated the meat to the local charities. I don't recall if it was done by the county or the local wildlife and fisheries but is a service that makes a lot of sense, especially in areas w/ high deer density where roadkill is a regular occurrence.

Proud of FHFH member
I know Farmers and Hunters for the Hungry was actually started by a hunter who helped a woman load a road kill deer in her car to feed her family. Many places have too many deer and hunters who wish to continue to hunt after, or before, they have obtained enough venison for themselves can do so through the organization. Funds are collected and different processors are asked if they would like to participate. They clean the deer and process them which are in turn sent to shelters. The processors used are ones used to handling wild game for paying customers. There is nothing wrong with a person helping others and if there was ever a worthy way to use a natural resource this is it. The problem comes into play when the 'do gooders' don't do enough research and fly off the cuff and make a rash decision which costs people time and money, and meals, and wastes something that is very precious to most hunters, their wild game meat. Wild game can be donated and consumed, period. It can't be sold for profit. This law is already on the books to keep people from poaching and make a profit. Society is in desperate need to rid itself of all the 'do gooders' and the irrational laws and regulations that do nothing to help society and only get in the way of people trying to help one another with good intentions and common sense ways of doing it.
Road kill stew , ummmmmm!
Lastcast , in Alaska they pick up the road kill and call the next name on the ' Road Kill Distribution List ', which you can sign up for and be offered the meat if you are the next name on the list , there are different circumstances then here as I would think the meat would freeze most of the year up there , 'round here you'd have possum jerky ----------- Once knew a game warden who's wife was named Charity --------------
on the fence
I too believe in the only kill what you eat. I am also trying to pass it along to my kids. I usually shoot more ducks than I will eat all year long so I share them with family, friends, and neighbors. I believe giving to charity organizations is just a way of giving to friends you havent met yet. We all know hunting is far less cost effective than going to a grocery store but we do it for the enjoyment not to survive. If i am able to help someone doing what enjoy and would be doing anyway, so much the better. Come on over to my side of the fence, the grass is greener over here. lol
Yes you should kill only what you eat but some don't. It's a sport and there is always a split difference in opinion. Fact is, meat was donated, processed, and sent to a charitable organization to help. This meat , in turn , was destroyed just because they had a law saying they could. It's a police state now throughout the country. The Feds and FDA are doing this all over the country!! Cheese farms to poultry and Cattle. It's like they want people to eat the tainted food they approved. Take a little time research the things they find in food especially chickens. There's an inferior motive with these wildlife agents.
Im sorry, not agents , state inspectors
mr predator?
was all 1500 lbs of meat in ice boxes and not freezers! if so how lond had the meat been unfrozen? possibly it was in ice boxes because they were going to cook it very soon! did the health inspectors ask these questions or did they just take for granit the meat was never frozen? maybe a lot of that meat never saw the inside of the dumpster?
The Gummint
Mr Predator - was it certain that it was La State health inspectors or was it Fedl Gummint inspectors?

I can easily see the Fedl Gummint coming in and deliberately destroying that meat. They want us eating Gummint Cheese for the rest of our miserable lives. They want us DEPENDENT on the Gummint and don't like anything that reeks of INDEPENDENCE.

Hunting or fishing for your food is INDEPENDENCE. Thats why they are regulating the heck out of it so that hunting & fishing will die the death of a thousand paper cuts.
Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry
As coordinator for the South East Louisiana chapter of Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry ( I was saddened to hear of the destruction of venison at the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission. Our organization is a little different than Hunters for the Hungry but our mission is the same...we both want to create a way for hunters to be able to provide for the needy in our communities. We live in the wealthiest country in the world yet 1 in 5 kids will go to sleep tonight hungry. Not just because they didn't get a snack after supper, but because they didn't eat at all that day. Our state needs organizations like FHFH and Hunters for the Hungry especially in todays economy. Our local program here in SELA only works through licensed and inspected processors who ensure that only the finest quality ground venison goes to the food-bank. All the donated venison goes to Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana for distribution to individual food-banks and soup kitchens. It's our heritage as hunters to provide for our communities and after reading about what happened in Shreveport, I'm reminded that it's our job to educate the public as well.
to the last comment, is their a place to donate in the New Orleans / Houma area?
I have been watching this post to determine why it was disposed of. Is it assumed as in Samarai's post that the meat was in the frig. not the freezer? I'm hoping that there were not dumping it just because it was venison or game! Good luck!
Venison Donation Sites
Our venison donation sites in SELA are:

Pete Giovenco's Deer Depot in St. Rose
Saia's Meat Market in Mandeville
Service Meats in Covington
Double D Meats in Bogalusa
Whitetail Butcher Shop in Independence

Here's a link to the Shreveport local news report the other day...looks like the state Reps are stepping in.