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Bushmaster sale

So I have a Bushmaster AR in .223 with a couple 30 round clips and I see all the guys on here selling theirs. The prices they are asking are ridiculous. $2600 for a $1000 gun? I think thats a bit much. Should a person feel bad for asking that much or does supply and demand warrant the high asking price? I am thinking about selling mine, but want to be fair and not gouge... Whats your thoughts? thanks.
They can sell it for whatever they want. If someone truly needs it that bad, that's his problem. Whats wrong with a little capitalism. Now if they were selling a necessity item at unridiculous prices and you were in a life and death situation, then that's price gouging and we have laws to protect against that
life and death?
I realize someone can sell anything for any price as long as it is not price gouging in a life and death situation, although it happens without repercussion (post Katrina). I am trying to get an idea of an asking price without gouging my fellow sportsmen, yet staying within the realm of a 'Capitalistic' market. Thanks for the input though, Sam.
bush master
The weapon is worth what someone is willing to pay.
If someone is willing to pay $2600 ,then that is what it's worth to them. Me , not going to pay that much. But the next guy might.
advertize it for whatever you think it will bring and drop price if need be.
eman is right!!! how much would pay for a van geaux painting, 100 million, probably not!!!! a lot of people would!! supply and demand dictates price! after all of this gun control is over, maybe supply will be limited and demand will be up??? the guy selling this is just starting early!!! if all this gun control happens, $2600 mite be cheap??? sell it for whatever u want and dont feel bad about it!! if someone wants it, they will buy it, if not they wont, no big deal!!! by the way, i have a 12 ft pirogue for sale for only $2000????
Beast, I agree with you and E, but I am ethical about not taking advantage of a situation where quantities are limited. I have already received on offer that was sent to my email. It is a fair offer of $1200, but more than I paid for the set-up. Like I told the guy who made the offer, I do not need the money, but my wife is on me about getting rid of a couple of guns (she thinks I have too many). So I will think about it and when the time is right, I will sell it to him as he made the first fair offer. Again, thanks for the input.
Why sell it to him for 1200, just so he can turn around and sell it for 2600. The market will support 2000 plus for a 1000 AR,why give it away. It's not gouging if it isn't necessary to sustain life. For now anyway.
no answer
I cannot speak for the man who made the offer. He may want to turn around and sell it, that's his choice. I am not one who would do that. A couple hundred more than I paid for it, yes. A thousand more than I paid for it, no. That's my choice. I read these guys ads on LAS and laugh at them, but I also feel sorry for them as they try take advantage of people's ignorance. Most are running out to get ARs and high cap magazines because they believe that in a month or so they will not be able to get them. Obummer will not be able to fully ban ARs. High cap magazines, maybe, but not A-Ks, ARs or any other military type weapons. Just my thought.
Too Late
At this point I don't think anyone will pay that much for an AR. I don't blame anyone for selling theirs for those prices. No way I would pay that much for one but some people did apparently. Soon it will be possible to buy them from dealers at regular prices.

'Senate Democratic leaders expect to introduce a gun bill that includes most of the proposals backed by President Barack Obama, with the notable exception of a ban on military-style, semiautomatic weapons, a top aide to Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said.'
After Katrina I had a lady send me a really sob story wanting to buy one of my houses I had for sale in Baton rouge. She said her house was destroyed and so forth. I had 8 people who wanted home. I fell for the sob story and all she did was buy it and turn around and put it for $20,000 more than I sold it to her for and sold it in no time. I was satisfied with my moral decision but felt I was taken advantage of. Just my experience in life.
Touchy Subject
careful gary, some people on here get completely butthurt when someone questions their high asking price for weapons that can still be bought thru a local dealer.

At 1200 bucks, that's on the lower end of the current scale. Most common out-the-door AR's w/acessories will run you 1000-1200, with the higher quality brands sought after, costing much more.

I feel for the guys on here who have or will buy a entry level AR for 2000 bucks or the cheapest made AK for 2500 on here out of fear there will not be another chance.
you sound like a great honest guy to me! but dont jack yourself???
Your choice
I would keep it. If you bought an ounce of gold for 800 dollars 5 years ago would you sell it now for that price or would you sell it for the going price now at 1600?
What i find funny is the asking price on Magazines.....WoW, that is really crazy. I just bought 10 AR, 5 AK and several Glock Mags at regular price, they are still out there, u just gotta keep looking.
Sell it
I see u won't make a good salesman. If I can get 2600 for something that costs a couple hundred bucks, I would not hesitate unless that gun has some sentimental value to u.
Sam, it's funny you say I would not make a good salesman because thats what I do for a living. I am in Industrial Environmental sales and pretty good at it (so I have been told). I have learned many things over the years, but one thing that is most important: 'It is not always about the kill, sometimes its about the hunt'. I think I will keep the gun, my ethics and just buy a bigger safe. Thanks for the input fellows.
Good for u, keep it and see what plays out. I have guns i want to sell also, but I have decided to wait. U will always be abele to get something for it.
Fowlfish. Agreed. no matter what happens, the market for guns (all guns) will not depreciate. In a couple years, ARs might be quadruple in price or they might be on every shelf in every store. Time will tell. Again, thanks for helping me make my decision clear.
hahaha, the only site where you can buy a 20k truck and a 10k atv, and an $800 gun for only $3000each, wow what a deal lololol
All comments regarding the gun auction have been removed. This is not E-Bay. Please use the free classifieds for any items for sale.

Thank you
i think it was a joke not a real auction!!
The first 'bids' were obviously a joke, not sure about the original offer to sell to the highest bidder. Either way, it's gone
hey chris can you tell me who removed my ad in the classified section, i have been a member for several years now, never tried to scam some one, and never planned to scam someone, if they didn't like the way i worded my ad they just need to skip it, i had one reply to my ad and now it is gone, i would have thought your administration would be able to tell the difference between a real scam and a real ad, especially if it was posted by some one who has been a member since 2008, can you find out why it was remove and let me know, i don't think i broke any rules, if i did tell me which one and i will revise my ad, but i would like to get my ad put back, i do not list my phone number or my personal email or contact info on anything i do in the open forums, for the simple fact of spammers, scammers and people that i may have upset in some way or another, cause people can be really sensitive on an internet forum, until some one lets me know that they are serious about making the transaction, and when i am serious about buying something i will either call or email with my personal contact info included
removed ad
I didn't remove your ad tuff. I can also understand that you didn't want to list any contact info because of scammers and spammers. People can respond to your ad by clicking the 'email user' button which will let them communicate to you through the email you have listed with your LASM account.
Just repost it.In our attempts to cut back on scammers something like that can and will eventually happen.It's really not a big deal to relist it.

Chris? Andy? Randy? anyone else

thanks for the response mo, i know i can just RETYPE it but what is to stop it from being removed again, if i don't know what was done ''WRONG'' then i will just type it all up again and make the same ''MISTAKE''
Not I.
Tuff-- I didn't remove your ad and don't know who did.

Andy's at a Comission meeting, but I forwarded your post on to him. Maybe he can find out.

This it?
Tuff, is this your ad?

If so, I just went to the Guns section of the classifieds and it's still there. Also, look in your profile and you can see it too.

Maybe a glitch prevented you from seeing it when you tried?

Gun for sale have a 9mm handgun for sale, one clip/magazine, 13 rounds fmj ammo in the clip, clip only holds 13rounds, it is an argentina sportsarms, i am in lafayette/broussard/youngsville area, will travel no more than 30minutes to meet someone, selling the gun for $250 FIRM, if you are interested email me through the link below, if you email me a question that i have covered the answer to in the ad....
That looks like Tuff's handwriting!!
LOL J/K Tuff.

yes chris that is my ad but it isn't the ad that was removed that is the one that i posted earlier, the one that i posted yesterday was removed, i typed it up yesterday stating that i was selling 13 rounds of 9mm fmj ammo for $250 dollars, and that i would throw the gun in for free, i guess someone doesn't have a sense of humor, so it was removed