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I hunt in the Bossier City / Haughton area and I've only been seeing deer on my camera at night. October 25-26 I had a few pictures at 6:30 p.m. and it was still daylight. I've only killed 1 deer and I was 16. Now I'm going on 21 and I really wanna get back into it. I really have no idea what I'm doing. I don't know if I should wait until the time changes or what... All of the deer in my area are nocturnal I guess... I'm not sure if I need to hunt in the evenings or morning. If you guys think I should wait until the time changes or wait until I have pictures of them in the day, because I'm not sure. Any help or suggestions are going to be very helpful.
Put in the time
Well, I don't mean to sound rude or anything but what you need to do is go get in the woods from daylight until dark until you see something. A lot of people think the deer in their area only move at night because that's what their camera's are showing, but when they get in the woods and actually learn deer trails, rub lines, scrapes & food sources, they actually learn more about when their deer are moving.

Put in the time to learn your area and I promise you will start seeing a lot more deer. LA Sportsman has published some great articles over the years that help teach how to learn what different deer signs mean.

Also, during the rut the deer will be moving 24 hours a day once the bucks start chasing the does. YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE to be in the woods ALL DAY during that period.

One more thing, get a good grunt/bleat call and learn how to use it. I have had pretty good success calling in deer with them. Youtube has all the instructional videos you could need to learn how to use them.

Good luck!
if you are feeding or not , then try putting a timer style feeder and set it to go off after sunrise , they will learn the sound of the feeder going off , if food is there in the dark then they will keep coming in the dark , force them to change their ways
Thanks a lot guys
Thanks guys for all the tips. I'll definitely be keeping those in mind for sure. Happy hunting to y'all
More Day time deer action
Only put out half as much corn as usual and let it run out befor putting more. You will start to notice on the pics more daytime activity. They should come back morning and before daylight looking for it. Once you get the time down, whether it be 3 or 4 days, or whatever, then hunt accordingly. As long as there is feed constantly there, they will be no need to search
I'll try that out too. Thanks guys
If you really want to learn how to hunt, get rid of the feed. Find what they are eating, where they sleep, etc, and actually HUNT them, don't wait on them to come to you. The reward for shooting a deer that you actually put your time in for and HUNTED is much more than waiting on one to come to you, and they are usually much less skiddish when hunting them naturally.

I did get a laugh out of the 'should I wait til the time changes?' comment! Deer do not observe daylight savings time haha