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Best plants for the food plot

Warm Season:

Iron clay peas: These are packed with as much as 30 percent protein, and they’re also drought tolerant. You can plant this variety from now throughout the summer, which will provide food until the beginning of bow season, depending on the size of your herd and plot. 

May 15 at 7:00am

Tools for building a food plot

• Hand rake: Often one of the first tools you’ll use when building a food plot. Use a hand rake to remove leaves or other debris from your plot before disking. This tool also comes in handy if you decide to conduct a controlled burn. 

May 15 at 7:00am

Alligator safety tips

Alligators are strong animals, so it’s important to use caution when harvesting them. Here are several safety tips to avoid injury.

May 15 at 7:00am

How to age white-tailed deer: Part I

Most of the aging work by deer biologists is done by utilizing the tooth replacement and wear techniques that were developed years ago by C.W. Severinghaus in 1949. 

May 12 at 9:00am

LDWF: Still no CWD cases in Northeast Louisiana

Almost 200 sample results have been received, and the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department  is reporting that none have tested positive for chronic wasting disease in three Northeast Louisiana parishes.

May 04 at 4:03pm

Potential No. 2-ranked atypical Louisiana turkey downed in West Feliciana Parish

After a pretty intense game of cat-and-mouse this past weekend, Clint Gray and Eric Templet teamed up and eventually put down a six-bearded gobbler Sunday morning in West Feliciana Parish that, once officially certified by the National Wild Turkey Federation, will become Louisiana’s No. 2-ranked atypical gobbler in the all-time record books.

May 04 at 1:36pm

Growing a poor man’s food plot

These days, a deer hunter wears many hats — mechanic, butcher, biologist and farmer. The latter can take up just as much time as hunting does, and some folks dedicate thousands of dollars to growing food for their deer herd. 

May 01 at 7:00am

Winning the (gator) lottery

It’s a long boat ride down the Calumet spillway to the Atchafalaya Delta Wildlife Management Area’s Wax Lake Unit. It’s also a straight run, which makes it a perfect time for reflecting. In other words, once you push your throttle forward and get your boat heading south, for the next 30 minutes or so you have time to go over mental checklists or anything else that comes to mind.

May 01 at 7:00am

Weatherby Mark V CarbonMark rifle

The latest edition to the Weatherby line is the Mark V CarbonMark, a bolt-action rifle with the company’s 9-lug magnum action attached to a carbon-fiber barrel from Proof Research.

May 01 at 7:00am

A life well-lived: Making memories in the woods

This month, I am stepping a bit outside of this column’s normal subject matter, but I feel strongly about the message. 

May 01 at 7:00am

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