Louisiana Hunting

12-point public land brute goes down on Yancey

Joey Turner is a serious deer hunter, and living in Marksville makes it convenient for him to hunt one of several wildlife management areas located not far from his home.

January 08 at 12:26pm

Union Parish 12-point is late Christmas gift

John Stansbury was faced with a bit of a dilemma Christmas day: He and his wife were enjoying the company of his wife’s mom, including a lovely Christmas lunch, sharing gifts and everything else that goes with celebrating on Dec. 25. 

January 05 at 1:44pm

Franklinton teens allegedly shoot 181-inch fenced deer in Washington Parish

The irresistible urge to post pictures of yourself doing stupid things on Facebook apparently continues.

January 05 at 9:22am

Family farmland yields 13-point stud in Avoyelles Parish

Zach Roszell has access to a couple of hunting leases near his home in Effie, but chose to hunt his family farmland in Avoyelles Parish on Friday, Dec. 22. 

January 03 at 3:13pm

Big 14-point nicknamed 'Mufasa' goes down in Jackson Parish

In Disney’s “The Lion King,” the chief of the lion pride was a stately monarch named “Mufasa.” 

January 02 at 10:21am

'Second chance' 10-point goes down in Union Parish

Late on the afternoon of Dec. 4, 37-year-old Daniel Colvin finally saw his quest for a big Union Parish buck finally start to pay dividends. He had hunted the big 10-point all season on the 1,300 acres he and his dad own. Finally, the big deer stepped into the log set Colvin had converted into a food plot and he touched the trigger on his .264 Winchester magnum. 

January 02 at 9:19am


After four long years of trail cam hide-and-seek, Logansport’s Donald Alexander finally caught up with a magnificent 199-inch DeSoto Parish buck he nicknamed Crab Claws. For the full story on how the big deer went down, go to page 20.

January 01 at 7:00am

Air power

I had spent a good 30 minutes creeping up on three particularly vigilant cat squirrels. It was late in the season, and even though I was covered head to toe in a leafy Ghillie suit, it was slow going against the hyper-alert critters.

January 01 at 7:00am

Driven to distraction

Behind my house five years ago at 5 p.m., I killed a buck that I captured on camera 4 miles down the road at 2 a.m. that very same morning.

January 01 at 7:00am

Ducking Caddo

Dawn was hauntingly beautiful.

No flamboyant sunrise color; rather a suffusion of light through the fog-veiled cypress trees. Todd Hopkins’ and Brandon Garner’s duck calls echoed off the fog as effectively as off a steel wall.

January 01 at 7:00am

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