Louisiana Hunting

Killer new crossbows

In this day and age, the archery industry — like many others — has become extremely competitive and overcrowded, with new manufacturers constantly entering the marketplace. This is especially true of the crossbow market, so when I heard another new company had entered the fray, honestly, I rolled my eyes. 

June 02 at 9:00am

Massey Ferguson 5700 Series

Introducing the Massey Ferguson 5700 Series – A mid-range tractor with high-end written all over it. When it comes to mid-range tractors, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another brand with more years of experience, working in more crops and conditions, in more places around the world, than Massey Ferguson. And every bit of that experience went into the creation of our brand new 5700 Series. Stylish on the outside, comfortable on the inside and premium from top to bottom. Offering unmatched visibility with our steep-angle hood design, unparalleled versatility to handle any attachment and the high performance you’re looking for, all in a smaller 110-130 HP package. Check out the Massey Ferguson® 5700 Series at Southern Trailer works in Thibodaux.

June 01 at 7:00am

Former LDWF enforcement agent pleads guilty in Delta NWR poaching case

A former enforcement agent with 15 years experience for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries pleaded guilty earlier this month to violating game laws on Delta National Wildlife Refuge near Venice, according to media reports.

May 24 at 9:09am

Ground proving buck age

We began a general discussion of this topic in the recent February, 2017 installment of Happy Trails. Let’s now go a little further and expand the discussion. Ground proving bucks means harvesting bucks that you believe meet your minimum goals, collecting their lower jaw bones for “tooth replacement/wear” age estimates, then comparing the earlier “live on-the-hoof” eyeball age estimate with the jawbone indicated age for confirmation or clarification. For a landowner, land or lease manager, or just an everyday deer hunter who wants to further hone his or her knowledge and skill, this can be a very eye-opening exercise.

May 19 at 10:00am

Harvest survey emailed to 68,000 hunters statewide

More than 68,000 licensed hunters across the state received an email Tuesday morning with a unique link to the 2016-17 Big and Small Game Harvest Survey, and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is encouraging everyone to take the time to fill it out.

May 18 at 1:52pm

Life on his terms

Rich Shiree has packed a lot of living in his 43 years. All he seemed to do was hunt hogs and deer, 12 months a year, with a totally independent lifestyle.

May 15 at 7:00am

The madness of March is over

The madness that happens during the month of March began when the soothsayer told Caesar to beware the Ides of March. Julius did not listen and paid the price for ignoring it. Then, someone canned the saying that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. The opening day of the 2017 turkey season was just the reverse of this as a storm front crossed the state bringing rain right at daylight in southeast Louisiana (very much maddening to turkey hunters). 

May 11 at 4:25pm

Get things stabilized

When I first started shooting a compound bow almost 30 years ago, many archers shot without a stabilizer. Bows were generally longer and heavier, and they didn’t generate nearly the torque and power of today’s bows. 

May 02 at 9:00am

Hog Wars

The big guy sat down fluidly and easily in the ground blind with his Weatherby Accumark Custom rifle over his knees.

For his 275 pounds, he was nimble, if not spry.

May 01 at 7:00am

If you tag a gobbler, fan him out

A tom turkey carries with him three body parts that most hunters consider trophies in the same realm that a whitetail buck carries an 8-point rack — worth keeping around to remember him by.

May 01 at 6:00am

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