Louisiana Hunting

Info on the old Lutcher Moore GMA

Dear Capt. Paul:

After reading your column about the Dewey Mills / Saline WMA in the Louisiana Sportsman magazine, I had an idea that you could possibly help solve a family mystery that has plagued our family, since the death of our hunting grandfather.

April 08 at 9:00am

Public Rambling: Late-season hog success at the Delta

Though we struggled through a down deer season on the Delta, it’s not in our nature to  give up, so we chased after the hogs relentlessly and finally scored on a few big ones late in March. 

April 05 at 9:46am

Don’t give up on afternoon turkeys

Hunter Specialties pro Steve Cobb said turkeys hunters miss a great opportunity only hunting in the early morning.

April 05 at 6:00am

Stealth mode — The No. 1 Atchafalaya Basin turkey hunting tactic

The smoky haze billowing from the Atchafalaya River’s surface was the only motion on an otherwise still morning in early April.

No waves or rogue currents. No wind to nudge the trees and strands of Spanish moss from their branches.

April 01 at 7:00am

WX Boss

You can now get the WX Boss with the new Kryptek Highlander frame design. Unlike traditional stick and leaf camouflage, the Kryptek design incorporates micro and macro layering inspired by artillery camouflage netting. Kryptek Highlander increases stealth when pursuing a wide range of game in mixed terrain. WX Boss sunglasses have shatterproof lenses that offer 100 percent UVA/UVB protection and are coated to resist scratches. They also feature a removable facial cavity seal that protects your eyes from fine dust, pollen, irritants as well as peripheral light. 

April 01 at 7:00am

Living with target panic

Archery is a sport requiring extreme mental focus, as well as proper form and muscle memory developed through lots of practice. 

For these reasons, I often compare it to golf. Also like golf, it is a game of mistakes: He or she who makes the fewest mistakes wins.

April 01 at 7:00am

BR hunter downs 325-pound boar near St. Francisville

Many hunters get “buck fever” — the adrenaline-induced, heart-pounding excitement experienced when you finally see that monster buck you’ve been after all season. 

But what about “hog fever?”

March 31 at 4:10pm

Delta Waterfowl: Duck hunter numbers in decline nationwide

Despite booming waterfowl populations in recent years, the number of duck hunters nationwide — and in Louisiana — has been in a steady decline, according to an online report.

March 30 at 1:09pm

LDWF agents cite 12 on opening weekend of turkey season

Enforcement agents with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries were busy during the opening weekend of turkey season, writing up 12 hunters for various alleged hunting violations. 

March 28 at 9:26pm

Gobbler chasing

Louisiana’s spring gobbler season began on March 25 in all three areas, and the youth and physically challenged hunt weekend was March 18-19.

Hunting in Area A will extend to April 23. Area B will wrap up on April 16 and Area C on April 9.

March 24 at 9:00am

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