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Targeting specks in Catfish Lake

If you’re not spending all of your spare time this month in a deer stand or a duck blind, November is a cool, comfortable month to target speckled trout — and Catfish Lake out of Golden Meadow is a prime spot for yellow mouths.

November 16 at 2:27pm

Cold weather ‘yak fishing techniques

It may not necessarily seem like it, but late fall and winter fishing is on its way. One big advantage of living in the South is no closed seasons and year-round fishing. While others sit by a fire dreaming of the spring thaw, properly prepared kayak anglers in the Bayou State can continue to put fish in the bag. With proper planning and equipment, kayak fishing can be conducted safely and enjoyably on nearly any cold day.

November 16 at 2:00pm

The lovin’ spoonful

Fall is prime time for redfish, and the venerable old spoon is still an effective, fun lure to throw in interior marshes for solid action.

November 16 at 6:00am

Delta Lures’ buzzbaits

“Hey, can I borrow one of those?”

Accomplished Helena, Ark. bass angler Derward Mauldin has heard that question many times before in his boat when he’s fishing with a Delta Lures buzzbait during tournament action in Arkansas, Mississippi or Louisiana. It’s perhaps the ultimate compliment, or endorsement if you will, for any artificial lure manufacturer who puts a product on the market.

November 15 at 9:00am

Hypothermia Facts

• Your body heat drops quickly if you are wet or exposed to cold wind.

November 15 at 6:00am

Be aware of duck hunters

Duck season opens throughout the state during November, and runs on and off through late January and early February in some areas.

November 15 at 6:00am


When it comes to catching specks on the fly, November is as good as it gets. A combination of a light south wind and moving tide will make for a nice mess of trout.

November 15 at 6:00am

There’s no place like home

At first glance, the fish house used by Dorothy Williams and Josh Andrews appears unpretentious. But closer inspection reveals that a lot of thought went into its design and a lot of labor goes into its maintenance.

November 15 at 6:00am

Tools and tactics

Swapping hooks is not a complicated process, but a little know-how facilitates the task. Invariably, the biggest challenge is flexing the split ring enough to remove and add a hook. Split ring pliers, made to separate the metal ring’s overlapping sections simplify the process, while providing a gripping device. However, in a pinch, your fingernail or a pocketknife blade will suffice.

November 15 at 6:00am

Tackle the task

When it comes to fishing lures, the tool is only as effective as its delivery system. That’s why DeFoe takes great care in selecting the right tackle for his balsa crankbaits.

November 15 at 6:00am

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