Louisiana Fishing

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Max motion — How swing-head jigs increase bass bites

Trolling motors: An expert’s view

In the years that he has owned Dixie Trolling Motors (985-809-0685) in Mandeville, Louisiana, Todd Schultz has probably seen it all, not just with trolling motors he sells and services, but with Power-Poles and marine electronics as well.

August 15 at 7:00am

Don’t knock the stumpknocker

Louisiana has a bunch of bream (if you are one who doesn’t consider “bream” to mean only bluegill) species. Most people can identify bluegills, goggle-eyes, and chinquapins, but the rest of them are often just lumped together with a shrug.

August 15 at 7:00am

“Pick” your peg

Texas rigging those big worms is a no-brainer for summer fishing, but have you given much thought to the notion of pegging that sinker? Todd Faircloth sure has, and the Bassmaster Elite Series pro offers some insight worth considering.

August 15 at 7:00am

What to look for when sight fishing reds

Capt. Ryan Lambert has no problem with stalking a clean marsh edge to find cooperative fish, but it’s also nice when the targets do all the work for you. Sight fishing, he said, sometimes starts in the vague sense of the term.

August 15 at 7:00am

Zombie RIP Stik

The RIP in Egret Baits’ new Zombie RIP Stik doesn’t stand for “rest in peace,” although it could.

August 14 at 4:55pm

Bank on Lafitte redfish this month

Lafitte is known for great fishing, but its prime speckled trout month isn’t exactly August.

August 14 at 3:03pm

Cameron jetties are a magnet for fish

August is the prime time to target speckled trout and redfish on the rocks — well, around the rocks.

August 14 at 1:39pm

Bite not always early at Buras

Virtually every magazine or online fishing article about south Louisiana speckled trout fishing in the summertime involves the need to set a very early alarm clock.

August 14 at 1:30pm

It’s catfish time on Lake D'Arbonne

Noted historian William Camden wrote, “The sea hath fish for every man.” If he were around Lake D’Arbonne this month, he would need to say, “The lake hath catfish for every man. Plenty of catfish.”

August 14 at 1:25pm

Give your plastics a nose job

For a long time, one of Bassmaster Elite Series pro Aaron Martens’ secret weapons was a Scrounger. A Scrounger is a jighead with an oblong bill that served two purposes; a weedguard and an action enhancer.

August 14 at 10:49am

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