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LDWF agent rescues three from sinking shrimp boat

LDWF: About 700,000 pounds of red snapper remain for 2017 recreational harvest

Before this month’s extended federal season ever cranked up, Louisiana anglers had already harvested about one-third of the state’s self-imposed 2017 recreational quota of red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico.

June 23 at 11:00am

Why would anybody drill a hole in a brand new spinning reel?

Virtually every brand new spinning reel you buy — at least if it’s made with decent parts — is butter smooth right out of the box. 

June 22 at 5:33pm

Two missing boaters survive long night in Atchafalaya Basin

After enduring a long night in the Atchafalaya Basin, two Franklin men and their dog were rescued by a Good Samaritan who spotted one of the men on the roof of a camp, according to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

June 22 at 3:39pm

River Shrimp bounty

 The Mississippi River holds intrigue and fortune, but for the Folse family of St. James, it’s all about family, Louisiana tradition and a little-known crustacean, river shrimp. The Mississippi River shrimp is a link to the Folse’s past, ties them together, and puts food in their pot. While the shrimp are abundant, they’re largely neglected today by recreational shrimpers, which is a shame because they’re so accessible and tasty.

June 22 at 1:35pm

Leader length key for Hopedale redfish

It's no secret finding the bait is absolutely critical to finding the predator fish.

June 22 at 11:05am

Legislation prohibiting oyster dredging on Big Lake becomes law

A stroke of the pen by Gov. John Bel Edwards late last week prohibits dredging for oysters in Calcasieu Lake and Sabine Lake, limiting legal harvest to hand-tonging only.

June 21 at 2:18pm

High river means fishing tight against canes for Venice redfish

The Mississippi River at New Orleans crested at more than 16.4 feet — just under minor flood stage — on May 31, and is finally forecast to steadily fall to about 11 feet by June 28 — which is just fine with Capt. Mike Frenette down in Venice.

June 21 at 10:43am

Guides not expecting big fishing impact from Tropical Storm Cindy

Capt. Owen “Big O” Langridge isn’t particularly concerned about the effects Tropical Storm Cindy might have on fishing conditions down in Venice.

June 21 at 2:45am

Guest editorial exposes conflicts of interest on Gulf Council

Editor's Note: This guest editorial by Jeff Angers was originally published in Sport Fishing Magazine. Angers, the president of the Center for Sportfishing Policy based in Baton Rouge, highlights the backdoor politics at play on the Gulf Council — which goes a long way in explaining why the  Gulf's red snapper fishery remains in a state of chaos. Recreational fisherman should hope this is one area of the "DC Swamp" that finally gets drained once and for all.

In a tremendous display of arrogance, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council member David Walker of Alabama went on a rant at the June meeting of the Gulf Council in which he proclaimed that millionaire shareholders like himself are the only ones who contribute anything to the red snapper fishery.

June 20 at 4:21pm

Target cypress trees for big Caddo Lake bass

Nick LeBrun travels the country fishing bass tournaments, but when he returns home to Bossier City this time of year and has a few spare minutes, he knows exactly where he will point his big Skeeter bass boat: Caddo Lake.

June 20 at 10:20am

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