Primitive Firearms in Louisiana


Below are descriptions are models of firearms considered primitive weapons in Louisiana and thus legal for use during the primitive firearms season.


Single Shot Breechloading Rifles which are NOT Primitive Weapons:

Ruger Number 1 and Number 3 (no exposed hammer)

Thompson Center Contender or Encore Carbines (designed after 1900)

Mossberg SSi Single Shot Rifle (no exposed hammer and designed after 1900)

Single Shot Breechloading Rifles which are Primitive Weapons:

Sharps rifles or replicas

Remington Rollingblock rifles or replicas

Ballard rifles

Maynard rifles or carbines

Burnside carbines

Frank Wesson rifles

Farrow rifles

Remington Hepburn rifles

M1873 1888 Springfield (Trapdoor) Rifles and Carbines and replicas

Snider (British) rifles or replicas

Wesson & Harrington 1871 Rifles

New England Firearms or Harrington & Richardson Handi Rifles in caliber .38 or larger

Winchester M1885 Hi Wall or Lo Wall rifles or replicas (Also Browning B78 or 1885) .38 or larger

Knight KP-1 in caliber .38 or larger

CVA Optima Elite in caliber .38 or larger

Traditions Pursuit break-open single shot in .38 caliber or larger