Flooded wild millet growing naturally in the marsh can be a teal magnet when you can find it.

“Some years, the Biloxi Marsh can be especially good if you can find flooded wild millet in the marsh,” Todd Fitzmorris said. “Teal love the seeds on this millet and can reach it when the water is high.

“However, I have not seen much wild millet in recent years in the Biloxi Marsh.”

Other areas have another food source the birds just can’t resist.

“In Venice, I find that the teal love to hang out in the mats of the thick duck potato growing down that way,” Fitzmorris said. “Although you can often run a mudboat through the middle of the duck potato, finding open water to set out decoys can be a challenge.

“Therefore, I will set up the blind on the edge of the duck potato, with my decoys in open water.”

Duck potato also grows in the Caernarvon area.