A dull knife is a real pain, and Bowie Outfitters manager Lea Benoit said the V-Sharp Classic II pull-through sharpener from Warthog is a foolproof, affordable, easy way to keep all kinds of knives razor sharp. 

“You just put your blade flat against the vertical bar and pull through the diamond rods,” Benoit said. “That’s the difference between this sharpener and some of the cheaper models. Most of your sharpeners use ceramic rods or carbide teeth that rake against the blade. 

“These rods on the sharpener are different-gritted diamond stones.”

The rods are easy to pop out and flip over for a variety of razor sharp finishes, and the sharpener comes with three angle guides to sharpen any knife.

“It holds the angle for you so you don’t have to guess,” Benoit said. “It’s absolutely foolproof, and is the easiest, most professional way to sharpen your knives.”

The V-Sharp Classic II sharpener costs $74.99. For more information, click here.