All things Yeti remain extremely popular, and Lea Benoit with Bowie Outfitters said the Rambler water bottles which came out this spring are no exception.

“They’re the hottest thing right now,” he said. “It’s the same material as their cups.”

The bottles come in 18-, 36- and 64-ounce versions, and retail for $39.99, $59.99 and $89.99.

Another new item is a lid for the company’s popular 10-ounce Lowball cups.

“Now that lids are available to purchase, it’s the best coffee cup in the world,” Benoit said. “It’s all I use now as a coffee cup because you can buy the 10-ounce Lowball and the 10-ounce plastic lid, and you’ve got hands down the best coffee cup you’ll ever have.

“You’ll throw all your glass ones away.”

The Lowball costs $24.99, and the lid is $4.99.

One more item from Yeti worth considering this Father’s Day is the Colster, their version of a koozie. 

“It’s mad of the same stainless material, and it’s got a screw-on lid,” Benoit said. “You put your can or bottle down in it, then slide the top on and screw it down and it holds it here, so it can’t fall out. It keeps your drink cold until the last sip — the thing is incredible. It’s one of those things everybody should have.”

The Yeti Colster costs $29.99 at Bowie’s. For more information on Yeti products, click here