Capt. Keith "Herk" Bergeron said May is probably the best month of the year to fish for trout in the Grand Isle area. 

“The whole area is producing fish right now, and all you really have to do is patrol the beaches and look for birds,” said Bergeron, with Pair-A-Dice Charters. “You may have some throwbacks in the mix, but you’ll have plenty of very fast action and you’ll find plenty keepers for the ice chest.”

The guide said recent excursions have been very productive, with trout being found at all the usual early summer hotspots.

“We were cleaning trout in April and already finding eggs in the females so they are preparing to spawn and eating up on the live bait,” Bergeron said. “The best bet is to pick up a baitwell full of live shrimp and fish them under a cork, or at the least toss artificial shrimp. I’ve done very well with the Vudu shrimp under a cork or plastic beetles in the opening night color.”

The options are endless, he said.

“Head out to some of the islands that are producing trout right now, like Queen Bess, Independence Island and over the oyster reefs north of the old Cigar’s Marina,” Bergeron explained. “The reefs there are marked by poles, but just look for birds diving in the area. If the shrimp are there, the birds will be diving and the trout will be feeding.

“We’re also seeing a lot of bird activity in open water out in the bay. Sneak into them as quietly as you can and toss your artificial shrimp lures for some quick action. The key is to keep your bait in the water and you’ll put some good numbers of good eating-size trout in the boat.”

The fishing has been pretty easy.

“I’ve been taking my 6-year-old grandson, Hagan Delaune, out almost daily while he stays with me, and we’re spanking the trout every day and picking up some nice reds in the process,” Bergeron said.

He also advised patrolling the beach on the calm side of the island. If the Gulf side is calm enough, try it. If not, run along the bay side, and look for birds. 

“Wherever you find them, fish there. There’s no better definition of simple,” Bergeron said.