LousianaSportsman.com user "-Duckaholic-" normally makes turkey-hunting trips every year with his friends and children, but with the downturn in the oil-and-gas industry, he's just been unable to go as scheduled.

But when he received an invite to hunt turkeys in Mississippi with a friend, he broke away to make it happen.

I received a phone call from my friend on my way up to his place," -Duckaholic- wrote on the Turkey Hunting Forum. "The conversation went a bit like this: 'Look, I know that you are all into calling turkeys and getting them to come to decoys and video but if I were you, I would go sit on this road this afternoon and not make a sound.'

"He then told me that one of his lease members had seen several toms and some hens just days prior on the road. This area of his lease is a place where turkeys go every afternoon on their way to the roost area."

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