This time of year, even anglers who don’t regularly target sac-a-lait break out the light line and poles. Covington’s Jeff Bruhl did that Monday evening, and murdered the crappie on one of the toughest freshwater fisheries in the state — the Tchefuncte River.

He gives his how-tos in the attached video.

The key right now is to not fish the main river itself, but to concentrate on the cuts and backwaters. That's because crappie have a much easier time spawning in low-current areas rather than in the swift current of the main river.

Bruhl said this time of year is when he starts focusing his efforts on the beloved fish.

“Usually in March, the fish start coming in to spawn, and the river gets good,” he said.

Spawning time is the easiest period to catch them, and Bruhl has mastered the necessary techniques.

Rigging up for sac-a-a-lait takes some forethought.

Bruhl uses 8-foot jigging poles and reels spooled with 6-pound monofilament. He utilizes fixed and sliding corks when fishing trees and brush, and turns to a Road Runner when skipping under docks.

Check out the attached video for tips, tactics, techniques and fish-catching footage so you can enjoy success on this underrated fishery.

You can also find more crappie-fishing tips and tactics on waters across the state in the Louisiana Sportsman magazine archive.