Agents with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries on Feb. 12 cited four Lafayette Parish men in two separate cases involving fraudulent homemade boat registration applications.

According to a news release, agents cited Brodie Wilson, 25, of Broussard, Dennis Anderson, 49, of Youngsville, Charles Jackson, 47, of Lafayette, and Richard Messa, 49, of Broussard, for injuring public records.  

Agents also cited Wilson, Anderson and Jackson for filing false public records, the release states.

 During required LDWF homemade boat inspections, agents found that the two aluminum vessels that Wilson and Jackson were trying to register contained fraudulent registration documents, the release states. 

Agents learned that Messa allegedly altered documents after selling his vessel to Jackson to illegally help Jackson get the vessel registered.  Agents also found that Anderson and Wilson allegedly worked together to create a fraudulent notarized bill of sale with false material receipts to attempt to get the vessel registered. 

Injuring public records and filing false public records are felonies and both bring up to five years in jail with or without hard labor and up to a $5,000 fine for each offense, the release states.