You work hard to get everything set up for the perfect hunt — and THAT camp member shows up. You know the who I'm talking about.

He bumbles through the woods near your stand. Or he sits tall in the duck blind, sticking out like a sore thumb. Or he won't stop yakking about his latest purchase of some gear that will guarantee success.

This video is a funny look at all the stereotypical hunters we encounter — and, if we're honest with ourselves, we have been THAT guy at some point in our hunting career.

Ever had a hunter want to give a duck call a try, only to ensure no self-respecting duck would ever show up in front of your blind? That's the "Can I call some?" guy.

Former editor Todd Masson loathed when I pulled out my calls to obliviously honk away. To be honest, I probably still fall into this category.

Duck hunters also live in dread of the "Can I bring my dog?" guy. Yeah, he's the one with the lab that runs the opposite way of the signal or acts like its nose is dead and can't find a bird that falls on its head.

And I'm definitely the "It's all about the angle" guy. Anyone who has had my camera pointed at him knows my mantra: Use a wide-angle lens and get as close to the deer as possible, making it look bigger than life. And in my defense, if a 20-inch spread is impressive, it's jaw-dropping when the spread looks like a 10-year-old could stand between the main beams.

Oh, and we've all been the "White liar gun buyer," fudging (OK, outright lying) to our significant others about the cost of that perfect shotgun or rifle (and hiding the cost with cash we squirreled away). Come on, now: Admit it.

"Buy it all Bob" is popular with his local hunting supply retailer, but not so much with camp mates when he loads up their trucks or stacks the camp bunk room with every possible gadget he just KNOWS will help him score a kill.

Buddy Darren Cooper would pick me out as the "Blind napper," having walked up to my deer stand on numerous occassioins to find me dreaming of big deer. And I own that one: Some of my best naps have taken place 20 feet up a tree.

Oh, don't forget about the "Rage monster." You know, that's the camp member who gets PISSED about everything. Always ranting and raging about something, overreacting to anything he disagrees with — which is most everything.

If you're not a "Snack master," I just feel sorry for you. For the life of me, I can't figure out how anyone sits in a deer stand for hours without ample supplies of food. And coffee. And a book. And a pee bottle. And, well, you get the picture.

And then there's "Mr. Hardcore." That's the all-or-nothing hunter who bathes in doe urine; wallows around on the ground in an attempt to further cover his scent; and picks up, squeezes and smells deer crap to figure out how fresh the sign is.

OK, so I also fall into the "Box for a bird" category. I once shot so many shells at passing doves (without knocking down a single bird) that hunters who had filled their limits were dropping their left-over shells at my feet. True story.

There are more hunter stereoptypes covered in the video, so watch it and leave a comment below listing the categories you fall into.