Jacob Martin has taken a few deer in his 12 years, but nothing that compares with the big 9-point buck he downed in Madison Parish on Dec. 30 during a Youth Hunt on the Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge.

“I got picked for the Tensas hunt, so my dad and I got up early and we got to the refuge around 4 that morning,” said Martin, a Delhi Charter School student from Tallulah.

On Youth Hunts, the youngsters are assigned a guide who assists them during their time on the refuge.  Martin’s guide was Joseph Sylvestrie, who sat in the blind with the boy and his dad.

“We were hunting in a ground blind, and even though we got out there early, we hunted all morning without seeing anything. It probably would have been nice to even see a doe but nothing showed up,” Martin said. “We went back to headquarters, had lunch and went back out that afternoon to hunt again.

“We were having a good time, my dad and I, talking with the guide when my dad suddenly whispered, ‘There’s a deer.’  Not having seen one all day, I got pretty excited.”

Martin wasn’t able to get a good look at the animal’s head standing 150 yards away — all he could see was was a deer. He didn’t know if it was a buck or a doe.

“The guide instructed me about getting my gun up, so I did. He told me to put the crosshairs on the shoulder and when I got ready, to shoot,” Martin said. “So I just got my scope on the shoulder and shot, and the deer dropped right there.”

Sylvestrie added a little drama to the proceedings when he got his binoculars on the fallen deer, which had just gotten smacked by a bullet from Martin’s Savage 7mm-08 rifle.

“He just said he could see the deer and could see horns, and then said ‘It’s a monster,’” Martin recalled. “I was excited to know I had not only shot a deer, but had shot a big buck. “When we got down and went down there where the deer way laying, I just about went crazy when I saw how big he was.”

The deer was a trophy for sure: Sporting 9 points and an inside spread of 20 2/8 inches, the buck weighed 180 pounds. 

The big buck was taken to Simmons’ Sporting Goods in Bastrop, where it green-scored 162 4/8 inches of solid bone, good enough to vault Martin into second place in the youth category.

Editor's note: Matin's buck had been tagged as part of a university deer study conducted on the refuge.

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