This is a great new product that combines a swivel top hunting bucket with a mini-washing machine. The trick is a small PVC pipe inside that attaches to your garden hose, and creates a swirling action in the bucket perfect for cleaning fish fillets, ducks, doves and more.

“I’m so pumped about this product,” said Lea Benoit, with Bowie Outfitters in Baton Rouge. “Each one of the slots in that pipe inside the bucket is cut to create a swirling effect, so it’s not just filling the bucket with water.

“It’s actually creating a washing machine effect.”

All you have to do is put it next to your cleaning station, hook up your hose, and throw your game into the bucket.

“It’s like putting dishes in the dishwasher,” Benoit said. “It gets all the blood out, it gets the feathers off a duck breast, and all the bad water just spills over.

“What doesn’t, you just tip the bucket and pour it out, and you come out with clean meat every time.”

Bowie’s sells the Cowboy’s Game Washer Bucket for $59.95. For more information, click here