The Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana is increasing the size of an existing artificial reef in western Vermilion Bay.

Rad Trascher said an additional 4,000 tons of 4-inch limestone was being added to the existing Redfish Point Reef this week to increase its size by up to 4 acres. The project will be completed soon — weather permitting, he said.

“They have already started,” Trascher said. “It’s about a 10-day project. I would expect it to be complete by the end of next week.”

The original installation of the Redfish Pointe Reef, which occurred in the fall of 2006, has become a favorite destination for anglers fishing out of Cypremort Point.

“Building onto this reef will bolster the preservation of the abundant fisheries of Vermilion Bay,” John Walther, CCA’s habitat chairman, said in a release.  “It will provide the habitat for larger vertebrates and contribute to the overall ecosystem productivity.”

The Redfish Pointe enhancement is the 17th reef of its kind to be built by CCA Louisiana since 2004, and the organization hopes to construct additional reefs along the Louisiana coast in the future. Chevron, DLS Energy and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries have partnered on this project.

“There are a lot of moving parts on a project like this, and it is so satisfying to see it come together,” David Cresson, executive director of CCA Louisiana, said.  “Our partners in this project are incredibly dedicated to preserving the habitat at this site, and because of that, we are out here building this reef.”

Upon completion of the project, marker buoys will be placed on site so anglers can locate the reef boundaries. Typically, Trascher said it doesn’t take too long for fish to move in after construction.

“Once the dirt and mud settle, organisms quickly start attaching to it, which brings the rest of the fish,” he said. 

The location of the new addition to the Redfish Pointe Reef will be at GPS coordinates 29° 40’ 37.020" N, 92° 07’ 04.980” W.