An enforcement agent with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries had a hectic afternoon Sunday off the Vermilion Parish coast, rescuing eight people from three different boats after a strong storm produced high seas and gusty winds near Rollover Bayou.

Sgt. Nicholas Guillory first learned of a vessel taking on water near Pecan Island about 1 p.m., and made his way to where Rollover Bayou meets the Gulf of Mexico. Before he got to the boat from his original call, he spotted one individual in the pouring rain in mud up to his waist and got him in his boat. 

At that point, Guillory noticed two other people in a vessel taking on water, and also placed them in his boat. He towed their boat into the canal, then headed back to the Gulf for the boaters from his original call. 

About a mile further west, he came across two more boats in trouble, one beached and the one completely underwater that had contacted him earlier. 

He put the two people from the sunk vessel in his boat, then pulled the beached vessel back into the water. Finally, he towed the sunken boat and got enough water out of it so that it could float enough to be taken back to inside waters.

In all, Guillory rescued eight and recovered three vessels and got them back to the boat launch in Rollover Bayou.